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Episode 162

Thanks for listening.

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The Underbase reviews US Marvel 7 & 8.

Matt and Aimee are joined by a special guest this week to kick off the beginning of Marvel US run in issues 7 & 8! News bits are spoilerific, you have been warned!Matt and Aimee are joined by a special guest this week to kick off the beginning of Marvel US run in issues 7 & 8! News bits are spoilerific, you have been warned!

* Intro & News [spoilers in the news]

* Guest Intro + Comic Highlight [@10 mins]

* The Classic Review of Marvel US 7 & 8 [@23 mins] 

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Episode 161

This week a sick Dave and frustrated Andy find the only way to make themselves feel better is to talk Thundercats and ask that age old geek question. Would you die for the franchise? Naturally we cover the news and end off talking some of your listener questions.

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The Moonbase 2 & The Underbase talk Auto Assembly 2011.

A few days removed from Auto Assembly 2011 the Moonbase 2 and The Underbase sit down to talk about the wonders of AA 2011.

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The Underbase reviews Ongoing 23.

Brought to you by the grace of Primus, Ongoing 23 by James Roberts is reviewed by Aimee, Adam and a new guest reviewer followed by a chat with Mikey. We offer our reactions to this issue of Ongoing. Something long and lengthly (3 hrs and 22 mins) to listen to on your way to Auto Assembly this weekend! Be safe and enjoy!

* Intro & News

* AA talk, what we look forward to and past memories [@6 mins]

* Matt gives his thoughts of Ongoing #23 briefly [@20 mins] <--non spoiler

* The Review of Ongoing 23 [@22 mins] 

* Talk with Mikey [@2 hr 7 mins]

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Episode 160

We are on the verge of AA2011, this week we are joined by Timelord to talk about AA's gone bye. If you are planning to go we recommend chilling with this show on the way to the event and maybe it will get you just that little bit more excited. 

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The Underbase reviews Victory.

Matt and Aimee are joined by Classic reviewing guest Adam as they talk "Victory!" A 11-page comic prelude to Dinobot Hunt, a rare little gem by Marvel! Also news bits, IDW Solicits and the end of the CONTEST!

* Intro & News

AA talk, Artist image releases, 23 sketch book, a few misc bits, and IDW Oct solicits.

* Comic Highlights [@32 mins]

* The Review of Marvel Comic "Victory!"[@47 mins] 

* Ending Business: CONTEST! [@1 hr 34 mins] 

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Episode 159

This week it's all third party and I mean all third party. But don't worry we find the time to take your questions and talk about Thundercats.

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