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The Underbase reviews Dreamwave G1 issue 1

Aimee, Matt, and Dave review listeners choice Dreamwave G1 issue 1 LIVE for the first time. We still have a few kinks to work out but all in all a great show, with outtakes on the end to highlight the fun that everyone missed!

Show Notes: 

* Intro & News

* Comic Highlight [@ 16 mins]

* The Review of Dreamwave G1 issue 1 [@ 22 mins] 

* Outtakes from the LIVE show 

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The Underbase reviews The Dreamwave preview books.

Matt and Aimee are joined by the boss man, KalelPrime in offering the goodness that was Dreamwave in the previews of their beginning runs. Dave challenges the Underbase to Micromasters verses Bumblebee Mini? Will it ever happen? We highlight comics, we talk Armada, Generation One, and War Within previews and make our cases for what we'd like to review later in the year… but you the listeners will decide...

* Intro (What we gonna do with this Dreamwave stuff?)
* Comic Highlight [@8 mins]
* Dreamwave Preview of Armada  [@18 mins]
* Dreamwave Preview of Generation One [@36 mins]
* Dreamwave Preview of War Within [@50 mins]

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Episode 91-  A decade of comic book goodness pt 2

Thanks for listening.

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Episode 90 A decade of comicbook goodness - Dreamwave

Well we totally got judged this one wrong, our show dedicated to the comics of the decade quickly became a show about Dreamwave...oh yeah and its over four hours.

G1 Volume 1 &2 0.19.45

War within 1.20.00

Micromasters 2.12.33

The Ongoing 2.27.00

Armada 3.08.28

Energon 3.43.40

The collapse 3.51.08


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