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Aug 3, 2008

Recorded at auto assembly 08 we talk about the show, also includes the audio of the interview with Simon Furman.

adrian C.
almost sixteen years ago

Hailing all the way from Albuquerque New Mexico USA….yeah where buggs made a wrong turn…..greetings and I apologize for not having a catchy autobot annihilator or unicron get my drift.....maybe you guys could help me with that. I as yet have not listen to this particular pod cast I’m still in the middle of episode 15...yet feel the need to comment on the quality of the info you two Trans fans have imparted to me over the past few months that I am finding invaluable to my personal transfanability…and the possession of a much much liter wallet….thanks guys.....I am an old G1er and kind of fell of the trans grid…you know kids, career, mortgage and all……for the majority of the 90’s and 2000’s…until of course the movie and my son got me hauling out my old stash of transformers from storage. Surprisingly enough only one of the 80 or so that I have was in fragile brittle condition…combaticon Vortex….a proper military burial soon ensued…..actually I put him a sandwich baggy for a later battle seen….but all the others were still in fair or better condition…..since I received my IPod as gift for Christmas (07) I am pretty new to the podcast genre too and was kind of skeptical until I found my two favorite subjects as pod cast: Transformers and IRON MAIDEN…. BABY…so yeah my entertainment life is all about Optimus, Megatron and Eddie with a mild nod to the Hulk……..So yeah fellers, keep up the good work, keep shouting the gospel of Megatron and ill catch you and the remainder of episode 15 when I get home tonight and I’m in my quiet place.

Thank you, your friend and mine:

Adrian C.