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Sep 7, 2008

The 21st show runs as normal we talk news and take your emails.

Ultra TransFan 77 aka Adrian C.
over fifteen years ago

Good after noon (right here, right now anyway) and hello. Ultra TransFan 77 aka Adrian C. writing in again, and I got a catchier name now. It’s a few days after hearing the shout out that you sent my way, it sent goose bumps down my arms when I heard you read my words. I’m coming to you today from the office that I work in, here at the University Of New Mexico, one of my quiet thinking spots. Today I was surfing some of the trans sites when I came across some of the early 90’s Japanese toys that are kind’a cool. It got me thinking, Kalel, what is the name of the figure, or which figure is it that you rave about on occasion. The combiner that forms a sword (?), star saber I believe, I actually have these mini planes, or is it the jet and the lion that combine (?), they’re names escape me right now. Because I’m researching all these mid generation trans-figures I’ll probably run across it here soon. I’d also like to thank cobra commander tfw for the tip on beast wars figures. I recently purchased a transmetal 2 Megatron, the big red dragon and now I’m patiently waiting for it to arrive via our ssslllooowww a** postal service. Thanks for the transtip there, CCTFW, even though it was directed to another listeners question. Well I guess I took up enough of your air time this time around and I hope to be a regular to write in to your show, but it takes me a while to think up intelligent questions to ask you. I don’t want to give you silly challenges or ask goofy crap that just doesn’t fit the context of our beloved trans-subject’s. Thanks again.

Your trans-friend.....and mine

Ultra TransFan 77 aka Adrian C.