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Jan 30, 2010

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thirteen and a half years ago

A speeding express train collided with a passenger train at a station in eastern India early Monday, mangling the carriages and killing 56 people, railway police said.
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Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee raised the possibility the crash could have been another case of sabotage, two months after Maoist rebels were blamed for a derailment that killed 145 people.
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Banerjee said she and top officials were rushing to the scene to investigate. \\\"We have some doubts in our mind,\\\" she said.
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The crash happened about 2 a.m. when the Uttarbanga Express slammed into the Vananchal Express as it left the platform at Sainthia station, about 125 miles (200 kilometers) north of Calcutta.
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The collision destroyed two passenger cars and a luggage car, turning them into a tangle of twisted metal. The passenger cars were reserved for those on the cheapest tickets and such carriages are usually packed to capacity.