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Oct 5, 2008

Welcome to episode 25 of the Moonbase 2 Podcast.

This week we talk about the following -

Our weekly rant as always.

Hasbro breaks Davids heart with Cyclonus.

News about TFA series 3, inc new character scetches and Jetstorm and Jetfire.

And we talk about Auto Assembly 2009. Also please take the questionare for the 2009 event here

And much more.

And once again we take your questions from the people at our forum.

You can visit and join our forum here

ten and a half years ago

I would bring the brainmasters to animated and the brainmaster transformer I would like to see is starsaber, and a powermaster would be thuderwing.
I wish that hasbro would make a dinobot two pack having dinobot 1 and dinobot 2, with an exclusive dark glass episode in the box, what are your opinions on the two pack.