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Welcome to the Moonbase 2 Podcast. This is a weekly show about the latest Transformers news from the toys, movies, tv shows and the comics. The show is presented by Andy (CobraCommanderTFW) and Mikey (GwolfV3) both of the lads are both living over in the UK and deliver the news from their perspective. When the stars align they get to interview people from the Transformers world such as writers, comic artists and voice actors as well.


Andy, CobraCommanderTFW: The Producer, Editor and Host of the podcast. Andy also does youtube videos on toys or on items that he really enjoy. He found his passion for editing and continue doing it. 


 Mikey GWolf: The co-host of Moonbase 2 and host of its comicbook spin-off. Mikey is passionate about anything robot and most things Japanese. He's been balancing podcasting and palaeontology since 2011 and still going strong.