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Jun 30, 2014

The week after Botcon is there any news to talk about? Why yes there is it seems. Join Andy and Tricky, replacing Mikey for this week, as they waffle about the news and MORE!!!

Jun 23, 2014

So guys we've hit episode 300 and its Botcon 2014! well timed really. Moonbase bring the mighty power of Tricky in to join the lads to cover the news of this years big transformers convention.

Jun 16, 2014

This weeks show has the crew talk about more comics and the news before Botcon 2014 which is next week people! and the return of more terrible movie licensed items  

Jun 9, 2014

Mikey spoils a comic Andy is about to read as talk about a fair amount of comics they both read over the week and the TF news for this week.

Jun 5, 2014

We interview Alex Milne! Artist for "Transformers More Than Meets The Eye" as well as numerous other transformer titles. We ask him questions and ask your questions