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Sep 30, 2013

Mikey talks a bit about Agents of Shield before cracking into the past 2 weeks worth of transformers new and surprisingly there's not much to say on it

Sep 23, 2013

So we decided to skip the news this week as there was little of worth to talk about and so we got and interview with the a lady involved with a lot of current transformer stuff the THE Mairghread Scott

Sep 16, 2013

More transformers entertainment for everyone to enjoy and we have more Wizard Words this week with Andy and Mikey

Sep 9, 2013

Another episode and more Andy and Mikey talking about the news of TF for this week and....well....more random bits the ooze from our heads, NO SHIPPING

Sep 4, 2013

It's moonbase 2, this is a longer episode as we will talk about MTMTE issue 20 as well as all the news from this week