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Apr 29, 2024

More reveals of upcoming figures this week, from rumours of new figures and crossovers to full reveals of Galaxy Force and rock things.

Apr 22, 2024

The Transformers One trailer has finally drop and some toys from Studio Series and the main movie line. So let and and Mr D voice their thoughts one this first taste of the a new TF movie.

Apr 15, 2024

Time to talk about what 1990 had to offer kid wanting new Transformers, yes more MicroMasters and Actionmasters. Andy and Orange talk about what they were like and if they were "goo" or "poo"

Apr 8, 2024

Praise 3rd Party toys for thats the news this week well that and whatever Swapticon are meant to be

Apr 1, 2024

Mr Orange returns this week to talk with Andy this week about some reveals and rumours, 1 Buzzworthy 4 pack and Studio Series Swoop.