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Sep 29, 2010

A week later Aimee and Matt decide to grab Dave to talk about Drift #2. Does the series maintain its good start, or does it crash and burn. And as always the crew talks about the latest news.

Sep 26, 2010

With toys pics rolling in Andy and Dave sit down for episode 125. We talk about the crazyness of Wreck-Gar and the disapointment of Rodimus. We also take some questions and talk about whats happening next weekend at the Moonbase 2 meet.

Sep 22, 2010

Joana Lafuente drops by the underbase to talk about her work with Transformers. And naturally Aimee and Matt bring you all the news from the world of comics.

Sep 19, 2010

With no news to cover...AT ALL! We decided its a great time to let Dave rant about the ongoing again. And to give you all some food for thought we get the Gwolf, version something to stop by to chat about...well something.

Sep 15, 2010

This week Aimee and Matt (rocking a heavy cold) are back with this weeks review, Transformers Ongoing #11. And as always the Coomander of Cobra joins there chat to see if the series has finally found it feet.