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Jul 28, 2011

Matt and Aimee are joined by our classic reviewing guest, Adam, as we dive into the Marvel that was TF, UK story Man of Iron. This show was recorded LIVE with technical difficulties. (And for that reason you won't be able to see the video on Ustream) Join us as we talk Man of Iron to start getting ready for 81 that will...

Jul 24, 2011

This week we look at SDCC and all the news that came out of it, also we look again at the vast amount of third party stuff that you never wanted. And finally wrap the show up with your questions.

Jul 21, 2011

IDW has turned out some really AWESOME STUFF at SDCC. SO AWESOME in fact that we just had to put out a special Podcast, as if the 22 Review wasn't enough this week. Aimee, Dave, and Adam discuss all the IDW panel info, PLUS we get in touch with 3 of the creatives who are involved in all this goodness! Listen in to find...

Jul 20, 2011

Show Notes: 

* Intro & News + Comic Highlight

* The Review of Ongoing 22 [@28 mins] 

WAIT NO LONGER! 22 by James Roberts is finally here! Aimee, Matt, Dave and Andy review and give their reactions to this issue of Ongoing. Find out as they weigh in. And follow along as we reveal what lies within the pages...

Jul 17, 2011

We are back from our week break (mistake) to talk about all the going on in the world of Transformers, and weirdly there isn't much. We talk about the last to episodes of Prime and try to make sense of the crazy ammount of third party items heading our way.