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Feb 29, 2012

Another short news section and TWO reviews but we have a special show in store for you! First Matt and Aimee review a solid Autocracy #4 with Mr. KalelPrime and then we bring in a special crew of Lovecraftian reviewers to give you Infestation part 2! Be prepared for ONE amazing show today!

* Intro and News 


Feb 28, 2012

My god does the Moonbase 2 crew have something good to say about Igear this week? Listen and find out!

Feb 27, 2012

Join your 2 fav moonbase 2 hosts as they talk about the first episode of season 2 episode 1 of TF: Prime!

Feb 23, 2012

News and TWO reviews! Matt and Aimee cover the news in 10 mins and then we bring in the guest reviewers to rip through Autocracy 3 and Robots in Disguise 2!

* Intro and News 

* Autocracy 3 Review [@ 10 mins in]

* RID #2 Review [@ 48 mins...

Feb 22, 2012

Mikey returns and we cover this weeks news and cover Mikeys thoughts on toyfair.