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Mar 7, 2012

OUT THIS WEEK… no comic! So we dive into the archives of classic Transformerdom and pull out a IDW Spotlight! We also have a healthy bit of news this week as well, so have a listen and pull out your classic IDW comics!

* Intro and News 

* Comic Highlight [@ 20 mins in]

* Spotlight Ultra Magnus review[@ 24 mins...

Feb 29, 2012

Another short news section and TWO reviews but we have a special show in store for you! First Matt and Aimee review a solid Autocracy #4 with Mr. KalelPrime and then we bring in a special crew of Lovecraftian reviewers to give you Infestation part 2! Be prepared for ONE amazing show today!

* Intro and News 


Feb 23, 2012

News and TWO reviews! Matt and Aimee cover the news in 10 mins and then we bring in the guest reviewers to rip through Autocracy 3 and Robots in Disguise 2!

* Intro and News 

* Autocracy 3 Review [@ 10 mins in]

* RID #2 Review [@ 48 mins...

Feb 15, 2012

Aimee and Adam report the news and then Matt and Aimee are joined by the ruler of MB2, Andy, to review More Than Meets The Eye issue 2! It's a fun day at the Underbase! Don't forget to check out this weeks digital issue of Autocracy issue 3, we'll be giving it a review next week!

* Intro and News 

* Comic Review [@...

Feb 8, 2012

There's no news this week and no new comic so we dip into the archives of Transformer comic-dom to review a UK Classic! Raiders of the Last Ark! Come meet Auntie!

* Classic Review of Raiders of the Last Ark [@ 5 mins...