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Oct 26, 2008

Welcome to episode 28 of the Moonbase 2 Podcast.

I want to first apologise about the sound quality since lossing all the programs i'm having to use new ones.

Ok so here we are and hope you like the new format we are trying.

Time Stamps

Opening with special thanks 0:00-5:32
Week Recap 5:32- 11:00
Podcast announcment...

Oct 22, 2008

Welcome to the mid week Moonbase 2 Podcast.

We are back and this it we talk about the recent Hasbro questions from the diffrent news sites.

You can visit and join our forum here


Oct 19, 2008

Welcome to episode 27 of the Moonbase 2 Podcast.

We are back for a full show…

This week we talk about the following -

Our weekly rant as always.

TF ROTF news.

We chat about the new masterpiece Grimlock and others.

And much more.

And once again we take your questions from the people at our forum.

You can visit and join...

Oct 15, 2008

Welcome to episode 26.5 of the Moonbase 2 Podcast.

We are back midweek for a bonus show to make up for the show out this weekend.

We talk about some interesting ROTF news.

We then do a huge review of the four part series of the IDW comics Revelation series.

And once again we take some your questions from the people...