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Jan 25, 2021

Once more into the fires of Transformers news for the week, once again fairly light on the news front but on the card today a new head variant for the Kingdom Megatron have surfaces, X-transbots have 2 things to show off and Cyberverse has toy listings for season 4. Plus what the lads did in the week including...

Jan 23, 2021

Mikey and Andy get back into the comics for this year with Marvel's Annihilation book 2 which contains Silver Surfer, Ronan and Super Skrull to set to stage before the even kicks into gear. 

Jan 18, 2021

Welcome to another week in the world of Transformers, on the show Andy and Mikey talk about the new MP Thundercracker and more stuff coming out from Flametoys specifically Acree and final product images of their Leo Convoy. Yea its a light week but what did the guys get up to during the week?

Jan 11, 2021

Moonbase boys getting back to the news after last weeks talk about the Earthrise Netflix show, so what's on the show this week? well 2 toy conventions being Wonderfest and Toyfair have had to be cancelled, final images of the Flametoys Windblade model kit have been revealed and toy reveals for maybe future main line...

Jan 4, 2021

Welcome to 2021 and the first show of Moonbase 2 of the year, Andy and Mikey start the year off talking about the new Netflix season Earthrise. Be prepared for spoilers a plenty as the lads dive in and give their thoughts on this attempted to be a dark and edgy adult Transformers show..........what could go wrong?