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Oct 17, 2022

We are light on news and light on hosts this week on Moonbase 2, its just Andy this week so can he make it a fun show with limited news stories lets hope so. In the news theres more Images of the new Earthspark toy range, the Buzzworth line gets two more figures and Hasbro has a new stream coming soon.

Oct 10, 2022

Andy is joined by Jason and Brad to talk about the news for the week and what is the news? Shatterglass repaint for NewAge Skyfire, walmart show off there next batch of exclusives and a few other fun bits of news

Oct 3, 2022

Andy and Mr Jason have the Hasbro Pulse event live stream thing that happened this week so many new figures were shown off, what did the lads think of them? Also a few 3rd Party toys krept onto the scene as well

Sep 26, 2022

Its time for another Moonbase 2 episode, with Jason coming back again all healthy and happy to join any for more Transformers news for the week. What's happened this week? Takara Tomy had and Expo where the combined form for Raiden was shown as well as Legacy Breakdown in foot mode and Agora Models show off their...

Sep 19, 2022

No Mikey and no Jason, so Brad comes back again to help Andy out on the Moonbase 2 for another week. This week there's a bit more news then last week, the designs for Soundwave and Arcee are shown off in another Earthspark teaser trailer, G2 Stunticons hit the Velocitron line and the TFNation Mini-con event drops a...