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Aug 28, 2023

Mikey is back this week with tales of his tfnation 2023 adventures, what he got, what he did all the good stuff

Aug 21, 2023

Another day without Mikey this week so Andy brings Big D and George over to talk about the toys of G1 picking up from where we left last week.

Aug 14, 2023

There is no news this week so Andy an a guest decide to look back over the years of Transformers Toys and where better to start off then to go where it all started with G1.

Aug 7, 2023

This week on Moonbase 2 NewAge follows Hasbro's lead and does their own repaint of Grimlock to his unreleased G2 Grimlock, G1 Optimus Prime is coming out again but with more modern articulation. Plus a couple of other things and Mikey preps for TFN