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Mar 25, 2014

Mikey, hes back.............we cover the important transformers news of the week and the fact Linkin Park might have a song for the new movie........woo *rolls eye*


Mar 17, 2014

So it seems we still have no Mikey, he lied to me. But we have transformers news....not much but we got some and of course we have Mr Tricky back again for the good times to be had once again


Mar 10, 2014

Andy decided to be soical this week and had many adventures and we also have the usual tf news to talk about and still no Mikey but the mighty Tricky takes up the slack again...good man.......good man 


Mar 3, 2014

Another week another moonbase 2 episode. With no Mikey again the one and only man of Science Mr Tricky kicks down the door and gets on the show again to talk about more transformers news.