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Apr 24, 2011

This week the Moonbase 2 podcast is proud to introduce to you our very special guest Jack “The Great Watash” Angel. We talk about his entire carrier spanning over fifty years ranging from his start in show business to his work with those robots in disguise.

We want to thank The Great Watash for first off giving us...

Apr 20, 2011

Matt and Aimee sit down to have a open chat with Mike Costa, who he is, what he writes, and all things Transformers comics past, present, and future. We cover the basics! There is plenty of talk on Chaos, but we tackle subjects about Spike, Ironhide miniseries, Ongoing 18, writing comics, teases and ROCK LORDS!  Check...

Apr 17, 2011

This week Dave and Andy look over this weeks latest offerings from the world of Transformers that include.

A look at the latest Transformers Prime episode.

We look through the entries from last weeks Basework.

We look at the crap news from candy to price increases for the UK.

We then turn to something more positive...

Apr 14, 2011

* Intro
* News [@1 min in]
Rising Storm #3, we liked it and go buy it! Matt plugs a friend's TF Fan-zine and where to subscribe.
* The Review of Ongoing 18 [@18 mins in] <-- lol, I did not plan that!
* Comic Rating [@ 1 hr 17 mins left]
Thanks for listening folks!