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Nov 24, 2014

Soooooooooo more Moonbase 2 guys, Andy actually has a new transformer toy to talk about this week shockingly there's not much news.....who knew!?!?!

Nov 18, 2014

More Moonbase 2 for this week? Ok then, Andy gets older as he turned 27 on Saturday, aint he all old now!

Nov 11, 2014

Prepare....prepare for Mikey as he's back and with little news the lads finally get to have a little talk on how they feel Korra is currently going and other bits to fill in the lack of news this week .

Nov 3, 2014

Why is Mikey not around this week?........because he sucks.....and is wanted by real people BUT!!! that wont stop Moonbase 2 from coming at you this week. Granted there isn't much news but we bring back Mr Tricky onto the show this week WOOOOO SCIENCE!!