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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.

Welcome to episode 12 of the pod cast. We spend awhile chatting about animated and news and finally take you’re questions. We hope you enjoy.

Time check for animated chat

Starts 10 mins ends 39:40mins

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Interview with Gregg Berger

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Its a slow week and a short show, thanks to your questions however we manage to put some meat on these bones.


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Welcome to a brand new chapter in the moonbase 2 podcast. This time kalelprime and cobracommanderTFW are providing commentary on the first three transformers episodes More than meets the eye. Hope you enjoy.

These were originally recorded as three seperate episodes but we have decided for Itunes to combine them as a single episode in three chapters.

Hope you enjoy and drop us a line at our forums


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Ten episodes in and thank you for your time and hope you enjoy the next ten. This week we are joined by good friend of the show phil.


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finally post any submissions for the audio show here

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welcome to episode 9. news comes thick and fast, and as always lots of questions.

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Behold our massive fan show. We talk about the news but top ourselves with an hour long fan question section. And now we need a break lol
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