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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Episode 92 - The battle on the big screen.

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Episode 91-  A decade of comic book goodness pt 2

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Episode 90 A decade of comicbook goodness - Dreamwave

Well we totally got judged this one wrong, our show dedicated to the comics of the decade quickly became a show about Dreamwave...oh yeah and its over four hours.

G1 Volume 1 &2 0.19.45

War within 1.20.00

Micromasters 2.12.33

The Ongoing 2.27.00

Armada 3.08.28

Energon 3.43.40

The collapse 3.51.08


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Episode 89 A decade of plastic crack. Thanks for joining us for this very long talk about molded plastic. We hope you find it enjoyable and remember to keep checking back over the week.
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Episode 88

We start our look back at the decade that was, we are joined by Chris Mcfeely as we tackle a decade of Transformers cartoons.

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