Moonbase2's Podcast (interviews)
A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
The Moonbase 2 interviews Neil Ross.

This week are proud to bring you a interview we conducted with Transformers voice actor Neil Ross, voice of G1 Slag, Bonecrusher and Springer to name a few. We talk about his entry into show business and how he made the transition to voice work. We want to thank Neil for his time and hope you enjoy.

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The Moonbase 2 interviews Jack Angel.

This week the Moonbase 2 podcast is proud to introduce to you our very special guest Jack “The Great Watash” Angel. We talk about his entire carrier spanning over fifty years ranging from his start in show business to his work with those robots in disguise.

We want to thank The Great Watash for first off giving us his time, but most of all for simply being un-killable. May he reign forever.

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The Moonbase 2 podcast interviews Bob Budiansky.






This week we bring you something very special to kick off our first interview of 2011. With Chris Mcfeely and James Roberts David sits down with Transformers Hall of Fame Bob Budiansky. We want to thank Bob for taking the time out to talk to us and for all the amazing work he has done. Without his work and dedication to the world of Transformers it is very likely that we would not be here doing this today.

Also please be aware that Bob also in his spare time will do commission work for fans, if you are interested please visit the following site or send an E-mail to the address below.



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Interview with Stan Bush.

We want to thank Stan for taking the time to talk to us. And agin big thanks to both Adam and Nick for helping me out with this one.

Please also follow the links to check out just what Stan is doing now.

Stan on Twitter:
Stan on Facebook:
Stan on MySpace:

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Moonbase 2 interviews Jim Sorenson & Bill Forster.

At AA 2010 Chris Mcfeely sits down with Jim and Bill authers of the Ark books and All Spark almanacs. Hope you enjoy.

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Interview with Gregg Berger.

It's been a long time coming but finally, the man, the myth, the legend Mr Gregg Berger returns to the Moonbase 2 podcast. Listen as Dave, Andy and Chris listen in complete attention to the voice of G1 Grimlock talk about all the fantastic things he has done over his life long career.


Please visit the Moonbase 2 forum.




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Interview with David Kaye

We want to thank David for taking the time out of his busy scedual to sit down and talk with us.

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Interview with James Roberts

We've asked the man who is co-writing on Last Stand of the Wreckers to join us for an interview!

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Interview with Townsend Coleman

This was a true honour, we want to thank  Coleman for givig up so much of his free time.

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Interview with Flint Dille

Thanks for listening, and a big thanks to Flint for taking the time to record this with us.

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Interview with Dick Gautier.

We want to thank Mr Gautier for his time. 

Please go and check out Dicks site here

And for anyone interested as we mentioned here you can see Dick in the role of Batman.

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The Moonbase 2 presents Garry Chalk

We want to thank Garry for this interview, and to everyone who has followed us over the past year. Have a happy and safe holiday from everyone at Moonbase 2.

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Interview with Michael Bell

We want to thank Michael Bell for joining us, as mentioned follow the links below.



And check out all of Chris's work on the Optimus Toy page.


Oh and by the way there is a new Transformers show coming...and you heard it here first.

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Moonbase 2 interview with David Wise

We want to thank David Wise for giving up his free time to do this interview.

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AA09 interview with Nick Roche.

We want to thank Nick for his time, you can see the full video version of this interview here

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Gregg Berger interview.

It was our pleasure to be joined by the Generation 1 voice actor Mr Gregg Berger during Auto Assembly 2009. You can find the video on Youtube here

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We want to thank Shane McCarthy for his time.

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