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Best of 2011

Moonbase2 and Underbase combine and join forces for a end of year BEST of 2011 for your Christmas show this week! This will be the only podcast we put out this week but you will not want to miss it as there are goodies within.

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The Underbase Reviews Death of Optimus Prime

All bets are off… we review Death of Optimus Prime… SPOILERIFIC! No warnings! But before we review the comic of the week, Matt and Aimee give you the news. Good times are ahead folks… 2012 approaches!

* News

* Comic Highlight [@22 mins] 

* Death of Optimus Prime Review [@35 mins] 

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Episode 174

Thanks for listening.

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The Underbase Roberts Preview

Turning the show upside down with our news section at the end this week, we start the show with a spectacular preview of what we'll be getting from comics here on and into 2012. Then we finally get around to the news.

* Preview

* News [@1 hr 2 mins]

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Episode 173 of the Moonbase 2 podcast.

Thanks for listening.

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The Underbase Reviews Ongoing 31

We've got a TREAT for our listeners this week! Matt and Aimee announce some great news on 81 and then are joined by a special guest! But lets not forget that we've got the last issue of Chaos and Mike Costa's farewell issue number 31 this week… we review that too! All our base is under the podcast! (Please make sure you've read the comic before listening to the podcast because we spoil the heck out of it!)

* Intro & News

* Special Guest [@5 mins]

* The Review of Ongoing 31 [@1 hr 47 mins] 

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Episode 172

Thanks for listening.

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The Underbase Reviews Timelines 6

Matt takes sole ownership of the Underbase this week to review Botcon 2011 Timelines #6 "Stunti-Con Job" with Grufflock and Chris McFeely! Great highlights, Chris's opinion of Exiles… and reveals of AllSpark Almanac battle scars, Addendum, Bob talk! And have we got a treat for you listeners… we got our very own voice overs! A spectacular review of Timelines you don't want to miss! We properly GEEK out!!

* Intro & News

* Comic Highlight [@6 mins]

* The Review of Timelines [@28 mins]

* Ark Addendum talk [@1 hr 37 mins] 

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Episode 171

Thanks for listening.

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The Underbase Reviews November News

Matt graces the podcast even though he's got ZELDA invading his world… we talk the NEWS… the good, the late, and the awesome… plus some disappointing… And because we wanted a break and Matt couldn't resist ZELDA there is no comic review this week. But you do NOT want to miss this next 28 mins! (February 2012 Solicits will be discussed… 13 mins in with no SPOILER warning… this is your warning.) 24 mins in is our geek/comic highlight. (Next podcast will feature ZELDA!)

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Episode 170

Thanks for listening

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The Underbase Reviews Ongoing #30

Matt and Aimee intro this weeks podcast with a new and exciting intro we hope you like it. Andy then joins us to review Ongoing 30 the END of Chaos and don't worry we'll tell you what we thought of it.

* The Review of Ongoing 30 [@58 mins] 

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Episode 169

This week we go cartoon crazy talking about Thundercats, Green Lantern and there may even a little Young Justice in there also. On the transformers front its third party all the way, and as always we look over your questions and end the show on the bum note that is Energon.

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The Underbase Interviews John Barber

Matt and Aimee sit down with the Senior Editor of IDW, John Barber, for a talk about what's to come for the next few months for the IDW Transformers! More tidbits to add to our search for details and a nice reveal from 81! News reveals to come...

* The John Barber Interview 

* Geek Highlight & News [@1 hr 06 mins]

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Episode 168

This week things go weird, we talk about how Dave wants to see the end of the world, what could be Andy's favourite piece of crappy news ever and...well you really don't want to know about the third person. We also take some time to talk about robots.

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The Underbase Reviews Ongoing #29

Matt, Aimee, and Andy see through to the end of Police Action as we review Ongoing 29. Will the final issue bring justice to the victims of the Last Story on Earth? Have a listen and find out the scoop!

* Intro & News

* Comic Highlight [@14 mins]

* The Review of Ongoing 29 [@22 mins] 

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After a short Batman break we are back, and boy to we have some catching up to do. We go over the Batman...I mean NY comiccon news, all the hot roumors around TF4 and whats going on in the world of custom ronots. Oh and I think somewhere in here we talk about Batman. So join the dynamic duo for the latest round of TF glory...and Batman.

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The Underbase AA2011 Interviews: Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman

Matt and Aimee cover a press conference and 2012 Solicits! Then we bring you our final Auto Assembly 2012 interview with Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman. Then to finish off the podcast we answer a listener question! Thanks for listening! 

* Intro & Press Conference Talk [@3 mins]

* Jan Solicits & Comic Highlight [@30 mins]

* Interview with Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman from AA2011 [@41 mins] 

* Underbase answers a question [@1 hr 12 mins]

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The Underbase Reviews Ongoing #28

Matt, Aimee, and Andy back once again hunting robots in 28. Have a listen and kick back as we have some stupid fun with our review! No spoilers in our news section this week!

* Intro & News

* Comic Highlight [@21 mins]

* The Review of Ongoing 28 [@31 mins] 

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The Underbase Reviews Classic UK Icarus Theory

Aimee, Matt, and our special guest reflect on Classic UK issue 45 and 46 of Icarus theory, the build up to Dinobot Hunt! We talk Exiles in the News section, with spoilers, so skip to 10 minutes in if you'd like to avoid those reveals! Thanks for joining us!

* Intro & News: Exiles talk w/spoilers, 10 mins in the rest of the news non spoiler

* Comic Highlight [@17 mins]

* The Review of Icarus Theory [@25 mins] 

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Episode 166

Thanks for listening

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The Underbase Reviews Ongoing #27

Matt, Aimee, and Andy back once again second week in a row with another Ongoing review. Have a listen to what we thought about this issue and where it might end? (Sign Aimee's Petition to High Moon @ )

* Intro & News

* Comic Highlight [@12 mins]

* The Review of Ongoing 27 [@23 mins] 

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Episode 165

Thats for listening.

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The Underbase Reviews Ongoing #26

BACK with the Cybertron Tales from the Autobot Crypt! News is REALLY spoilerific this week, CBR interview and December Solicits. (Skip to 16 mins in if if you'd like to avoid plot details!) Aimee, Matt, and Andy highlight comics and then crack into the review of Ongoing #26 and it's gritty crypty mood!

* Intro

* Spoiler NEWS talk [@2 mins]

* NON Spoiler news [@16 mins] end of the solicits

* Comic Highlight [@19 mins]

* The Review of Ongoing 26 [@29 mins] 

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episode 164
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The Underbase AA2011 Interviews: Nick Roche and James Roberts

Matt and Aimee intro with news and comic highlight. And then we turn the podcast over to the interview from Auto Assembly 2011! Nick and James talk Ongoing 2012, Issue 125, and UK Classics Volume I. With all our bases covered things get a little silly and BOB could be the singularity that causes it all?

* Intro, News, and Comic Highlight [@17 mins]

* AA Interview with Nick Roche and James Roberts

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The Underbase Reviews Ongoing #25

Aimee, Matt, and the Cobra Commander TFW bring you reviews in the world of Transformers Ongoing… The Last Story on Earth issue 25 kicks off! It's time to investigate SPIKE, Prowl have at! Are we united in our assessment or divided?

* Intro and News 

* Comic Highlight [@ 9 mins]

* The Review of Ongoing 25 [@17 mins] 

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Episode 163

Thanks for listening.

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The Underbase AA2011 Interviews: James Roberts

Show Notes: 

Matt and Aimee report the brief news this week and offer an interview straight from the Auto Assembly 2011 archives! Writer James Roberts talks Chaos Theory! We close with a challenge! ENJOY!

* Intro, News, and Comic Highlight

* The Interview! [@11 mins]

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The Underbase Reviews Ongoing #24

Ongoing 24 kicking off the Chaos. Aimee, Matt, and Andy review the pages. Will it be glorious or carnage extreme? (And will Bob, our personal favorite, take over and save the day?) Check it!

* Intro & News

* Comic Highlight [@16 mins]

* The Review of Ongoing 24 [@28 mins] 

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Episode 162

Thanks for listening.

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The Underbase reviews US Marvel 7 & 8.

Matt and Aimee are joined by a special guest this week to kick off the beginning of Marvel US run in issues 7 & 8! News bits are spoilerific, you have been warned!Matt and Aimee are joined by a special guest this week to kick off the beginning of Marvel US run in issues 7 & 8! News bits are spoilerific, you have been warned!

* Intro & News [spoilers in the news]

* Guest Intro + Comic Highlight [@10 mins]

* The Classic Review of Marvel US 7 & 8 [@23 mins] 

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Episode 161

This week a sick Dave and frustrated Andy find the only way to make themselves feel better is to talk Thundercats and ask that age old geek question. Would you die for the franchise? Naturally we cover the news and end off talking some of your listener questions.

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The Moonbase 2 & The Underbase talk Auto Assembly 2011.

A few days removed from Auto Assembly 2011 the Moonbase 2 and The Underbase sit down to talk about the wonders of AA 2011.

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The Underbase reviews Ongoing 23.

Brought to you by the grace of Primus, Ongoing 23 by James Roberts is reviewed by Aimee, Adam and a new guest reviewer followed by a chat with Mikey. We offer our reactions to this issue of Ongoing. Something long and lengthly (3 hrs and 22 mins) to listen to on your way to Auto Assembly this weekend! Be safe and enjoy!

* Intro & News

* AA talk, what we look forward to and past memories [@6 mins]

* Matt gives his thoughts of Ongoing #23 briefly [@20 mins] <--non spoiler

* The Review of Ongoing 23 [@22 mins] 

* Talk with Mikey [@2 hr 7 mins]

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Episode 160

We are on the verge of AA2011, this week we are joined by Timelord to talk about AA's gone bye. If you are planning to go we recommend chilling with this show on the way to the event and maybe it will get you just that little bit more excited. 

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The Underbase reviews Victory.

Matt and Aimee are joined by Classic reviewing guest Adam as they talk "Victory!" A 11-page comic prelude to Dinobot Hunt, a rare little gem by Marvel! Also news bits, IDW Solicits and the end of the CONTEST!

* Intro & News

AA talk, Artist image releases, 23 sketch book, a few misc bits, and IDW Oct solicits.

* Comic Highlights [@32 mins]

* The Review of Marvel Comic "Victory!"[@47 mins] 

* Ending Business: CONTEST! [@1 hr 34 mins] 

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Episode 159

This week it's all third party and I mean all third party. But don't worry we find the time to take your questions and talk about Thundercats.

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The Underbase reviews Man of Iron.

Matt and Aimee are joined by our classic reviewing guest, Adam, as we dive into the Marvel that was TF, UK story Man of Iron. This show was recorded LIVE with technical difficulties. (And for that reason you won't be able to see the video on Ustream) Join us as we talk Man of Iron to start getting ready for 81 that will be out in 2012! And join us next week for another LIVE show. (This time w/o technical issues, as Aimee has found the problem.)

Show Notes: 

* Intro & News

* Comic Highlight [@19 mins]

* The Review of Marvel UK Man of Iron [@27 mins] 

TF Marvel UK 9-12, TF Marvel US 33-34, also in Collected Comics #3 Omnibus additions.

* Ending Comments [@2 hrs] +out takes

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Episode 158

This week we look at SDCC and all the news that came out of it, also we look again at the vast amount of third party stuff that you never wanted. And finally wrap the show up with your questions.

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The Underbase talks SDCC with Andrew Griffith and James Roberts.

IDW has turned out some really AWESOME STUFF at SDCC. SO AWESOME in fact that we just had to put out a special Podcast, as if the 22 Review wasn't enough this week. Aimee, Dave, and Adam discuss all the IDW panel info, PLUS we get in touch with 3 of the creatives who are involved in all this goodness! Listen in to find out!

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The Underbase reviews Ongoing #22.

Show Notes: 

* Intro & News + Comic Highlight

* The Review of Ongoing 22 [@28 mins] 

WAIT NO LONGER! 22 by James Roberts is finally here! Aimee, Matt, Dave and Andy review and give their reactions to this issue of Ongoing. Find out as they weigh in. And follow along as we reveal what lies within the pages...

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Episode 157

We are back from our week break (mistake) to talk about all the going on in the world of Transformers, and weirdly there isn't much. We talk about the last to episodes of Prime and try to make sense of the crazy ammount of third party items heading our way.

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In this huge edition of the podcast the Underbase delivers all you comic book needs in one go. First off we start by talking about the biggest news of the week, IDW have announced their new editor to be non other than John Barber and the Underbase has the first interview here with him. We then cover the rest of the news before reviewing the latest issue of Transformers ongoing to hit the shelves, ongoing 21.

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Underbase Reviews DOTM Adaptations

Matt and Aimee are joined by Chris McFeely to close the movie verse comic with a grand review of all the Dark of the Moon Adaptations. The Novel, the comic, and the short prose story by John Barber, which we give a GLOWING review of, are all discussed and reviewed. (Even the DOTM game is mentioned.)

* Intro & News

* The Review of Dark of the Moon Adaptations [Novel@18  mins, Comic@23 mins] 

* Convergence [@ 1 hr 28 mins]

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The Underbase reviews Heart of Darkness #4

* Intro
* The Review of Heart of Darkness [@  mins]

Aimee is joined by Dave and Mikey to have a chat about Heart of Darkness #4 and to close the series. (There will be NO news this podcast.)

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Transformers DOTM roundtable.

Its long, much like the movie. But is itas good or better than the movie? Listen and find out.

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Episode 156

The fab four role out this week as we talk about the count down to DOTM and cover all the weeks news. We look at the recent new third party announcments, IDW downloads going cheap and more besides. And aside from the MLP singing at the end we also take your questions.

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The Underbase reviews Dreamwave G1 issue 1

Aimee, Matt, and Dave review listeners choice Dreamwave G1 issue 1 LIVE for the first time. We still have a few kinks to work out but all in all a great show, with outtakes on the end to highlight the fun that everyone missed!

Show Notes: 

* Intro & News

* Comic Highlight [@ 16 mins]

* The Review of Dreamwave G1 issue 1 [@ 22 mins] 

* Outtakes from the LIVE show 

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Episode 155

This week Andy returns from his great american voyage, we talk about what Andy has been doing at some weird thing called Botcon and look at the news from the last seven days.

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The Underbase reviews one year of podcasting.

Join our podcasting hosts, Matt and Aimee as we celebrate a year of Underbase goodness. 10 Special guests, contest stuff to give away, the Contest close for the Vault. This will be a memorable show and we get the 113 explanation!! Don't miss it!

* Intro
* Contest Giveaway for our anniversary show! [@16 mins]
* Our highlights of our first year [@21 mins]
* Our SPECIAL GUESTS! [@27 mins]
* A SPECIAL PRESENTATION! Interview round two with Andy Schmidt! [@51 mins]
* Ending Business : Contest close, Dreamwave reviews, Underbase year 2 what will happen? [@1 hr 30 mins]

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Due to lack of sleep Aimee takes time off while Matt and Dave cover all the comics news out of Botcon. Then the trio take a look at last weeks release of Transformers Ongoing #20.

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Moonbase 2 Botcon 2011 round up.

Its a long one people as Dave and Mikey talk this years Botcon.

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The Underbase interviews Livio Ramondelli.

Show Notes:

* Intro & News
We talk Phxcomicon, TF Vault talk and contest, answer a question and
win a copy of the Vault 15 mins in, IDW comic collection vol 4,
Artwork by Perez and Matere, and TF novels coming this fall!
* Comic Highlight [@29 mins]
* LIVE interview of Livio Ramondelli [@34 mins]
* Ending Business [@ mins]

Matt and Aimee are joined by Dave to talk about the comic news this
week, then we give our comic highlight. Lastly, Aimee had a chance to
interview upcoming Chaos artist Livio Ramondelli at the Phoenix
Comicon this last Saturday. Thanks again to Livio for making a little
bit of time to chat about what he does and how things are going with

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Episode 153 The Underbase reviews Heart of Darkness #3.

This week Dave and Mikey cover all the coolest news of the week. Then to round off the show we are joined by Aimee (Ladywreck) to review the latest episode of heart of Darkness. Thanks for listening.

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The Underbase reviews, Rising Storm and Foundation issues 4

Matt and Aimee kick off with news and solicits and then bring in Chris McFeely to finish off the movie verse prequel story lines. Don't want to miss this series as the movie comes out in a month. Tune in! Final thoughts on the series! And we can't resist mentioning a certain Heart of Darkness...

* Intro & News
* Comic Highlight [@17 mins]
* Review of Rising Storm issue #4 [@29 mins]
* Comic Rating for RS [@1 hr 23 mins]
* Review of Foundation #4 [@1 hr 32 mins]
* Comic Rating for Foundation [@2 hrs 23 mins]
* Botcon plug [last 30 seconds]


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Episode 152

This week is a bit slow so we got Gwolf in to talk about well nothing much. So yeah some times it's like that. But we do talk about Shadowzone plus take some of your user questions.

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The Underbase reviews Ongoing #19.

The Underbase talks NEWS with Dave and reviews Ongoing 19 with Andy. Sit down have a listen and find out what's up in the TF world and what the crew thought of this next installment of Ongoing Space Opera!
[06:40:34] Aimee M (truesaphira): Gotta jet... really tired.


Show Notes:

* Intro & News!
Dave joins us for the news segment because it's an EPIC sized proportion!! And we talk about it for a bit.
* The Review of Ongoing #19 [@43 mins in] A completely SPOILED issue… we warned you.
* Does it Wreck or Rule? Comic Rating [@1 hr 39 mins]

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The Moonbase 2 interviews Neil Ross.

This week are proud to bring you a interview we conducted with Transformers voice actor Neil Ross, voice of G1 Slag, Bonecrusher and Springer to name a few. We talk about his entry into show business and how he made the transition to voice work. We want to thank Neil for his time and hope you enjoy.

Direct download: neil_ross.mp3
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The Underbase reviews The Dreamwave preview books.

Matt and Aimee are joined by the boss man, KalelPrime in offering the goodness that was Dreamwave in the previews of their beginning runs. Dave challenges the Underbase to Micromasters verses Bumblebee Mini? Will it ever happen? We highlight comics, we talk Armada, Generation One, and War Within previews and make our cases for what we'd like to review later in the year… but you the listeners will decide...

* Intro (What we gonna do with this Dreamwave stuff?)
* Comic Highlight [@8 mins]
* Dreamwave Preview of Armada  [@18 mins]
* Dreamwave Preview of Generation One [@36 mins]
* Dreamwave Preview of War Within [@50 mins]

Direct download: Underbase_DWspecial1.mp3
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Episode 151

This week basework rules as we go through your lists of Decepticon bad guys. Oh and there is some news in there also.

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The Underbase reviews, Rising Storm and Foundation issues 3

Chris joins Matt and Aimee to review a double header for the movie verse comics. Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon, Rising Storm and Foundation issues 3. Much goodness this week. Thanks for listening!

Show Notes:

* Intro and News
* Comic Highlight [@ 14 mins]
* The Review of Rising Storm issue 3 [@ 22 mins]
* Comic Rating [@1 hr 8 mins]
* The Review of Foundation issue 3 [@1 hr 12 mins]
* Comic Rating [@2 hr 7 mins]
Thanks for joining us this week for this double header of the movie verse comics! Apologies for the few echo toward the end.


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The Underbase reviews Heart of Darkness #2
* The Wrecking of Heart of Darkness #2 [@ 4 mins]
Dave and Mikey step in to wreck this comic… please NOT for the faint of heart, this is definitely explicit this week my friends.
* Comic Rating [@1 hr 23 mins]

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The Moonbase 2 interviews Jack Angel.

This week the Moonbase 2 podcast is proud to introduce to you our very special guest Jack “The Great Watash” Angel. We talk about his entire carrier spanning over fifty years ranging from his start in show business to his work with those robots in disguise.

We want to thank The Great Watash for first off giving us his time, but most of all for simply being un-killable. May he reign forever.

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The Underbase interviews Mike Costa.

Matt and Aimee sit down to have a open chat with Mike Costa, who he is, what he writes, and all things Transformers comics past, present, and future. We cover the basics! There is plenty of talk on Chaos, but we tackle subjects about Spike, Ironhide miniseries, Ongoing 18, writing comics, teases and ROCK LORDS!  Check out this epic interview in the making.

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Episode 149.

This week Dave and Andy look over this weeks latest offerings from the world of Transformers that include.

A look at the latest Transformers Prime episode.

We look through the entries from last weeks Basework.

We look at the crap news from candy to price increases for the UK.

We then turn to something more positive including details on a new DOTM trailer, new Generations toys for the UK, a crackdown by Takara against third party companies and much more.

And of course we end the show with a ton of listener questions.

Hope you enjoy and be sure to check out for all your Transformers news.

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The Underbase reviews Ongoing #18.

* Intro
* News [@1 min in]
Rising Storm #3, we liked it and go buy it! Matt plugs a friend's TF Fan-zine and where to subscribe.
* The Review of Ongoing 18 [@18 mins in] <-- lol, I did not plan that!
* Comic Rating [@ 1 hr 17 mins left]
Thanks for listening folks!

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The Underbase interviews Andy Schmidt

In this special bonus episode Aimee Matt and David are joined by IDW editor Andy Schmidt. We cover his history in the comics world and his history with Transformers. Also we look ahead at IDW and their new offerings.

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Episode 148

This week Dave and Andy look at all the news from Transformers but find themselves to busy gushing over Full Metal Hero and of all things Wrestleing. Actually all we did was bash it. But if you didn't come to hear us bitch on WWE you might want to hear our opinions on the latest run of third party bots, latest episode of TF Prime, Basework and the bad black hole of Transformers.

Hope you all enjoy. 

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The Underbase reviews Foundation & Rising Storm #2.

* Intro
* News [@2 mins]
Wondercon reveals Chaos, we have a in depth chat about the reveals, issue 125 (22 mins in),
UK Classics Volume 1 (41 mins in), Sector 7 TPB out this week, (47 mins in) and contest!
Simon Furman Petition:
* The Review of Foundation & Rising Storm issues 2 with guest Chris McFeely [@58 mins in]
Foundation #2 [@1hr 05 mins] Comic Rating [@1hr 58 mins]
Rising Storm #2 [@2hrs in] Comic Rating [@2hrs 45 mins]

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Episode 147

Once again we look at this weeks TF news.

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The Underbase reviews Heart Of Darkness #1

* Intro
* News [@ 8 mins in]
James Roberts, Wondercon, IDW talk, What is Chaos working up too, Marvel Heroes #33 plug, Comics this week.
* Comic Highlight [@ 23 mins in]
* The Review of Heart of Darkness #1 [@ 34 mins in]
* Does it Wreck or Rule? Comic Rating [@ 2hr 3 mins]

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Episode 146 of the Moonbase 2 Podcast.

This week we are joined by the one and only DJW AKA Derrick J Wyatt. We naturally talk about Botcon and his involvement in this years awesome box set. We also look at your answers to last weeks base work, notice James Roberts is here to save our souls again and try to decide if bumblebee is cute or cutthroat.

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The Underbase interviews Andrew Griffith

This week Aimee and Matt sit down and talk with Andrew Griffith. Andrew has previously work on such Transformers works as All Hail Megatron, Last Stand of the Wreckers and is currently working on the movie tie in Foundation.

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Episode 145

This week the awesome dream team are back together, we get all caught up on the news from the last few weeks. And lets not forget the return of the basework...thats right remember your opinion matters kids. And be sure as always to listen right to the end to hear us answer your questions.

And is that some SDCC spoilers in there???

And of course don' forget to check out this piece of awesome.

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The Underbase interviews John Barber

The Underbase is happy to welcome the maestro of the movie-verse John Barber. This week Matt, Aimee and Chris sit down to talk to the author of the current movie titles leading up to Dark of the Moon.

We can would like to thank John for taking the time for joining us, and hope you enjoy as we did.

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This week we take a break from the news and focus on something a little different. This week Dave and Chris are joined by TF author Jim Sorenson to talk about the draft script from the 1986 Transformers the Movie.

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The Underbase reviews Ongoing #17

The ongoing returns along with Aimee, Matt and Andy. What will this issue bring, joy? Fun? "oh dear god not again"? Well you're just going to have to check in to check it out.

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Episode 144

This week we have another quick and easy one for you. There is almost nothing to talk about so we natter on about Prime and what we think of the latest club exclusive. And as always end things with your questions.

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The Underbase reviews Rising Storm #1 & Foundation #1
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This week another slow week hits the Moonbase 2, still we look at the latest episode of TF Prime "Con Job" and look at Botcon MotorMaster and some new work from Fans Project. And of course we finish the show with your questions.

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The Underbase reviews...the news.

Sadly due to a release issue the Underbase find themselves without a comic to review this week. What’s that we hear you cry, "Review a classic" well they didn't have time. As such this rather short Underbase podcast looks at the upcoming comics in May, and we get a rather details, and some might say padded spotlight section.

This podcast was record 22 Feb 2011.

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Episode 142

This week we look at the limited news, talk about TF Prime Scrapheap and take some of your questions.

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The Underbase reviews Infestation #1 & #2

Its a double hitter this week as Aimee, Matt and Dave square off against the undead, vampires and insane 50ft robots. But how does the new writing team fare against the might of the Underbase...tune in to find out.

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Episode 141

TF3 trailer...check.


TF Prime...Check.

You want it, you got it.

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Its that time again for Aimee, Matt and Andy to cast their reviewing eye over anouther issue of Transformers Ongoing. How does it shape up? Listen and find out.

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The Underbase review The Incredible Hulk VS DeathsHead

This week the underbase shake things up, following on from a request at Auto Assembly 2010 the Underbase team reviews The Incredible Hulk VS DeathsHead. How does it measure up? And do we have a new host...your just going to have to tune in to find out.

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Episode 139

This week Andy falls foul of internet dependance as his net goes down. So stepping in we have Stu from the old oil house. This week we look at Botcon, Warpath and all of your Dark of the Moon news. Oh and don't forget Thundercats.

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The Underbase reviews Sector 7 #5

Strap in for anouther Transformers comic book review with Aimee, Matt and Chris as they give you the good and the bad of Sector 7.

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Episode 138

This week Dave and Andy go toy news mad. Why we hear you ask, well simple, its all we got. Hope you enjoy.

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The Underbase reviews Prey.

With new comics in short supply, Matt and Aimee decide to go back to the days of Marvel G1. Naturally when taking a look back to the past they have decided to call on the services of Adam. So how does this classic story hold up? You will just have to listen to find out.

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The Moonbase 2 podcast interviews Bob Budiansky.






This week we bring you something very special to kick off our first interview of 2011. With Chris Mcfeely and James Roberts David sits down with Transformers Hall of Fame Bob Budiansky. We want to thank Bob for taking the time out to talk to us and for all the amazing work he has done. Without his work and dedication to the world of Transformers it is very likely that we would not be here doing this today.

Also please be aware that Bob also in his spare time will do commission work for fans, if you are interested please visit the following site or send an E-mail to the address below.



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The Underbase reviews Sector 7 #4.

This week the Underbase team of Matt and Aimee take a look at the much delayed Sector 7 #4. Was it worth the wait? Well along with series reviewer Chris MCfeely they are going to find out.

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Episode 137

Welcome to the first podcast of 2011 from the Moonbase 2. This week Dave and Andy look over the news and focus on all the third party toys coming out. And to end with we take a look at your posts on the best and worst of 2010.

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The Underbase reviews Ongoing #15

Once again the ongoing falls into our lap, as Aimee. Matt and Andy are ready to see if its any good. Will the role of good continue or does this one fail to deliver?

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The Moonbase 2 presents, best and worst of 2010

Welcome to 2011 everyone and we all hope that you had an amazing new year. But before we can look forward to all the good that 2011 will offer lets take a look at what we are leaving behind. This year Dave and Andy are joined by Aimee and Matt at we bring to you our best, and worst of the year that was 2010.

And be sure to submit your pics and leave a comment on the forum, then be sure to check back next week and Dave and Andy look at your best and worst of the last year.


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