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The Underbase reviews, 2010.

For the final show of 2010 Aimee and Matt decide to take a look at 2010. What was good? What was bad? and what is Dave doing there? Join us to find out, and be sure to check back in 2011 for the best Transformers comic book reviews anywhere.

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The Merry Ramble of the Moonbase 2

Well the Xmas holidays are almost over, and the new year is coming up fast. So for no other reason than we could we decided to chat about what Santa gave us, and what we were up to.

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The Underbase interviews Josh Perez.

This week Aimee and Matt (now no-longer sick) sit down with Transformers comic-book colourist Josh Perez. Join them in this very special Christmas episode learning all about this fantastic creator, and just what it takes to bring comic book pages to life.

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Episode 136

This week Andy brings in the laddies to talk about all this weeks news from the world of Transformers.

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The Underbase reviews Generation 2: Redux

In the era of neon we Transformers fans were given G2, now thanks to botcon 2010 we have a comic Reduxing all the neon you could ask for. But does this old school shock to the eyes still rule, or is it a total wreck?

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With Dave crying about work and Nicole standing anouther man up its left to The Commander to fly solo with the news. Tune in to catch up with Andy and his take on all the big news from the last three weeks. And of course lets not forget that trailer, as Dave brings in the chatter team to see what we really thought of it.

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Aimee, Matt and andy sit down to talk about ongoing 14. After the solid issue of thirteen can this issue deliver? Listen up and you will find out if it Wrecks, or rules.

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Episode 134 Transformers Prime, the roundtable, part 2.

Following on for last weeks show we gather once more to talk about the final three parts of Transformers Prime. Find out what the final opinions of the show is.

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The Underbase reviews Sector 7 #3.

The latest review for the Transformers 3 preview comic continues. This week Matt, Aimee and Chris look to see if the series wrecks or rules.

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Episode 133 Transformers Prime roundtable.

With TF Prime airing its first 2 episodes this past Friday Dave calls forth a small but well talkative fellows to chat about it. Join us for over a 2 hour roundtable about all the characters and what we thought of it.

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The Underbase reviews Transformers Prime

With TF Prime less than a week away Aimee, Matt and Dave sit down to talk about the TF Prime pocket book.

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Episode 132

This week Ad8m drops by to talk about this weeks news with us. We talk about for TF Prime news and get very excitted at the idea of Black Shadow.

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The Underbase reviews Bullets.

It's finally here, Aimee and Matt sit down and with David review "Bullets" the short story published as a back-up story in the Last Stand of the Wreckers trade paperback. Will this text only story wreck or rules? And be sure to stay with us right until the end with a very special bonus.

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Episode 131

This week Dave and Andy go off talking about their rekindled love for Dragonball Z. Meanwhile in the world of Transformers Dave looses his cool with Hasbro, Andy demands are travel to eat cake and finally where is the love for Trailbreaker. All this and more, this week on the Moonbase 2 podcast.

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The Underbase reviews ongoing 13.

It's the start of the second year of IDW's ongoing Transformers book. And after the disapoinment of the last few issues can issue 13 change the tide?

As always your host Aimee and Matt, along with David and Andy find out if this wrecks, or rules.

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Episode 130

We are back once again to talk about the news this week with those lovable robots. We talk about Prime, Dave questions fans prodject and Andy accepts his love of men in rubber...

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The Underbase reviews Sector 7 #2

This week Aimee and Matt are joined by Chris to talk about the latest issue of Sector 7.

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Episode 129

After taking a break to catch up, Dave and Andy return to talk about two whole weeks of news. And there isn't a great deal. But we talk about the movie and the news footage of Transformers Prime.

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The Underbase reviews Drift #4

The final issue of the series is upon us. Does it deliver, or like others before it, is it resigned to fail? Find out as Aimee and Matt review Drift issue 4.

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The Underbase interviews Shane McCarthy

With Drift now over and the final review coming this week Aimee and Matt decided once again to spend time with the stars. This time around they are joined by the writer of the Drift mini-series

Shane McCarthy.

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The Underbase reviews Drift #3

This time around Aimee and Matt are joined by David to review Drift 3. With the thoughts of Ironhide losing it at the half way mark fresh in their minds our reviewing hosts ask themselves one question. Wreck or rule?

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Episode 128

Fianlly after weeks apart the dream team is back together to talk about, well...not much. But if you want to hear about all the new toys that have shown up this week then listen up.

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The Underbase reviews  Ongoing #12

For the second time this week Aimee and Matt drop by to give you a review of the latest ongoing coming from IDW. Joined this time by Dave the question now is does the end of the first year of ongoing wreck...or rule?

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The Underbase interviews Alex Milne

This week the Underbase is happy to welcome Transformers artist Alex Milne to the podcast. We sit down for a solid hour thirty interview with him and also Josh pops along to talk about SDCC. Hope you have fun.

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Episode 127

So we are back once again and again i'm sorry to say its anouther speed show. Also the podcasting crossover goes into high gear this week as Andy backs out leaving the door open for Matt. We talk about all the stuff in the world of robots this week. And we once again break news first on the show about some very special products coming down the road. Be sure to check it out and leave your comments.

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The Underbase reviews Sector 7 #1.

This week Aimee and Matt grab the sick old Chris Mcfeely to talk about the first issue of the new TF movie comic, Sector 7.

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Episode 126

And for the second time in a matter of seconds we give you podcast number 2 for the special meet up weekend. With David on a bus...Andy decides to finally try and take control...but who is the fool dumb enough to join forces with him in this insane endeavour?

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The Underbase interview Jeff Anderson

With the Moonbase 2 meet raging in London we thought we would flex our podcasting muscle by giving you two podcasts. First up the Underbase team get the chance to sit down with Jeff Anderson who first worked on Transformers way back in 1986.


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The Underbase reviews Drift #2

A week later Aimee and Matt decide to grab Dave to talk about Drift #2. Does the series maintain its good start, or does it crash and burn. And as always the crew talks about the latest news.

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Episode 125

With toys pics rolling in Andy and Dave sit down for episode 125. We talk about the crazyness of Wreck-Gar and the disapointment of Rodimus. We also take some questions and talk about whats happening next weekend at the Moonbase 2 meet.

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Underbase Interview with Joana Lafuente

Joana Lafuente drops by the underbase to talk about her work with Transformers. And naturally Aimee and Matt bring you all the news from the world of comics.

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Episode 124

With no news to cover...AT ALL! We decided its a great time to let Dave rant about the ongoing again. And to give you all some food for thought we get the Gwolf, version something to stop by to chat about...well something.

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The Underbase reviews Ongoing #11

This week Aimee and Matt (rocking a heavy cold) are back with this weeks review, Transformers Ongoing #11. And as always the Coomander of Cobra joins there chat to see if the series has finally found it feet.

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Episode 123

Its all about TF Prime this week. And while we cover all the casting news both Dave and Andy are left asking the same thing. When do we get to see it.

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The Underbase review Drift #1

Its that time again for Matt and Aimee to wreck anouther comic. But does this bi-weekly series get off to the right start? Well you are just going to have to stay tuned to find out. And as always they give you all the latest news in the world of the printed page.

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Interview with Stan Bush.

We want to thank Stan for taking the time to talk to us. And agin big thanks to both Adam and Nick for helping me out with this one.

Please also follow the links to check out just what Stan is doing now.

Stan on Twitter:
Stan on Facebook:
Stan on MySpace:

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Episode 122

Dave and Andy are back with what can only be a slow ass news week. We talk about third party target masters, the Blum is taking the role of Starscream and whats coming soon for War for Cybertron. And as always we end with your questions.

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The Underbase presents - Last Stand of the Wreckers.

This week last stand of the wreckers hits stores in trade paper back. This week Aimee and Matt are joined by Dave and a slight bit of Andy to talk about it. We look at the best comic from IDW and talk about the eleven page story by James Roberts "bullets".



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Episode 121

Dave and Andy join you for another slow news week. This time talk about the new features of MP Rodimus, the shocking price of limited movie Prime statues and why the hell is Wheeljack a prick?

As Always we talk about what we have been doing and take some questions.

And don’t forget to check out the Underbase this week as the awesome International The Last Stand Of The Wreckers week kicks off.

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Underbase reviews Nefarious 6.

Chris Mcfeely joins in with our regular hosts to bring you the end of IDW's Nefarious series. How does it end? Well you’re just going to have to listen to find out. And don’t forget we are kicking off our Wreckers awareness week as the countdown to the release of the trade draws near.

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Moonbase 2 interviews Jim Sorenson & Bill Forster.

At AA 2010 Chris Mcfeely sits down with Jim and Bill authers of the Ark books and All Spark almanacs. Hope you enjoy.

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Episode 120

After taking a break and soaking in AA 2010 Dave and Andy return to the studio to bring you all the latest news from the world of Transformers.

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The Underbase presents Simon Furman

At AA2010 Aimee and Matt sat down with the legend that is Simon Furman for an interview. We hope you enjoy.

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The Underbase reviews Ongoing #10

Aimee and Matt are back from AA and ready to talk about news and as always ready to take a crack at the latest series of the Ongoing. Joined by Andy and Dave the only thing you need to ask is, does it Wreck or Rule?

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The Underbase reviews Ironhide 4

This week Aimee and Matt are joined by Kalelprime as the countdown to AA rages on. This week they deliver all the news out of IDW and sit back as Dave channels Ender while reviewing Ironhide 4.

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Episode 119

This week we are joined by the one and only Hailstorm. As the countdown to AA comes to a close we talk about all the latest news and go to town on your listener questions.

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The Underbase reviews spotlight Drift.

With Ironhide 4 MIA the Underbase crew bring forward their review of Spotlight Drift, joined by Josh Barricade64. And as always the crew bring you your comicbook news, questions and caption contest winners.

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Episode 118

This week we are given the glory of Cybertron Con and a large ammount of new toys to look at. We also talk about the new MP and take your questions and caption contest.

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The Underbase reviews Nefarious 5

This week we bring you anouther Underbase review featuring IDW's latest movie comic. Chris Mcfeely rejoins Aimee and Matt to find out if this comic is a wrreck, or if it rules.

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Episode 117 SDCC

With SDCC raging in the background Dave and Andy are joined by Matt to talk about what came out of it. TF Prime, IDW and what ever Hasbro did will all be mulled over. And i'm happy to say atleast we get our dear wrecking Lady to join us for a short time.

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The Underbase reviews Target 2006.

In what can only be described as a moment of madness Aimee and Matt, along with Ad8m decide to review the classic Marvel UK story, Target 2006. Join them on this almost four hour review looking at one of the most revered TF stories ever written.

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Episode 116

This week we talk about...not allot. However Dave and Andy go over their week and try to atleast make the show entertaining...thank god for questions.

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Interview with Gregg Berger.

It's been a long time coming but finally, the man, the myth, the legend Mr Gregg Berger returns to the Moonbase 2 podcast. Listen as Dave, Andy and Chris listen in complete attention to the voice of G1 Grimlock talk about all the fantastic things he has done over his life long career.


Please visit the Moonbase 2 forum.




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The Underbase review Ongoing 9

This week Matt and Aimee are joined by CobraCommanderTFW to chat about ongoing 9. They also go through the news and answer your questions.

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Episode 115

So its a short damn week this time. We talk about KO headmasters and new/old TF Prime casting along with others. And as always we take your questions and look over your caption posts.

Oh and don’t forget to stick around at the end for some awesome TF3 movie spoilers.


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The Underbase reviews Ironhide 3

This week Aimee and Matt are joined again by Andy and Dave to talk about Ironhide 3. Along with that an old friend drops by and all the fun stuff you would come to expect.

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Episode 114

This week its all go as we are joined by Alex to give us a first hand account of Botcon 2010. Andy and I also go into this weeks news and talk about War for Cybertron one week on. And as always we end the show with Basework, our caption contest and your questions.

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The Underbase reviews Spotlight Metroplex

This week Aimee and Matt are joined by Dave and Andy to review Spotlight Metroplex.  Also Matt and Aimee talk about all the comic news to come out over the last week, and as always end with your questions.

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The Underbase reviews Nefarious #4

Matt and Aimee saddle up for anouther IDW comicbook review, this time joined by the man himself Mr Chris Mcfeely.

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Episode 112

With Andy AWOL Phil and Aimee step in to help us out. Enjoy

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The Underbase reviews Ongoing 8#

Aimee and Matt take the controls to talk about issue 8# of Transformers ongoing with Moonbase 2 comic rage man Ender. Enjoy.

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Episode 111

This week we review issue 2 of Ironhide with MAtt and Aimee. We also talk about what you can expect from the underbase going forward along with all you weekly news including.

TF ride in development

New Generations toys listed

New Botcon toys

And of course all the spoilers around TF3 and TF Prime in our spoilers section.

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Episode 110

This week Dave and Andy talk aout the latest goings on with Transformers, we talk about last weeks basework and your questions.

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Episode 109

Thanks for listening.

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Episode 108 V2

Thanks for listening, and thanks to THE_BONE himself for joining us to a classic IDW comicbook review of spotlight Ramjet.

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The Underbase reviews Wreckers 5

Thanks for listening.

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Episode 107

Thanks for joining us again as myself and Andy go through the news and views of the TF world...I wish I could have made that rhyme.

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The Underbase reviews IronHide issue 1

This week the Underbase becomes the sole property of Ironhide issue 1. Any good you decide...we already have.

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Episode 106

Thanks for listening.

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Interview with David Kaye

We want to thank David for taking the time out of his busy scedual to sit down and talk with us.

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Episode 105

Thanks for joining us again for anouther week of transformers goodness. And again a massive thank you to Andy and the team over at for the headrobots we give away. Find out if you were one of the lucky five to win one.

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The Underbase episode 2

Many thanks for join Cobracommander TFW, Ladywreck, kinggrimlock and kalelprime as they talk about the final chapter in the opening story from IDW's ongoing transformers series.

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Episode 104, The 2 year show.

We want to thank everyone for sticking with us and supporting us over the last 2 years of podcasting.

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Moonbase 2 thank you, and prize give away.

 We want to thank everyone for the support over the last two years. Remember we have five head Robots thanks to our good chums

If you join the forum please feel free to sign up and send me your answers via pm. Otherwise check out the podcast listeners section for this weeks basework and caption comp.


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The Underbase April 21st 2010

It is the official first podcast of the Underbase! Up for review is Last Stand of the Wreckers #4 and Spotlight Prowl and then we answer listener questions. Thanks for listening and remember to come back this weekend for our second year show.

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Episode 103

Thanks for listening.

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Mid week podcast 14th April

Thanks for listening.

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Episode 102

Thanks for joining us once again, sorry its so short but thats life...or university...or moonbase 2 meet ups the point is, it aint our fault.

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Interview with James Roberts

We've asked the man who is co-writing on Last Stand of the Wreckers to join us for an interview!

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Episode 101 repost.
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Episode 101

Dear Moonbase 2 member and Transformer fan,

Moonbase 2 just surpassed one big milestone (episode 100) and the next one is just around the corner. Moonbase 2 will be celebrating it's 2nd anniversary on the airwaves and I'd like for you to be a part of it. I would like for people to send me their videos (or if you're camera shy you can send me just an audio clip), with anniversary wishes and greetings.


~*~ Please make them no longer than 30 seconds (just so we can get as many as possible).

~*~ Make sure when you email them to me that you also include your forum name.

~*~ Send audio or video clips to either my main email or if by chance that doesn't work to

~*~ Clips are due by April 20th

Thanks again to each one of you for making the Moonbase 2 one of the best places on net!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact me, your friendly Princess of Plastic Crack and Moonbase 2 Administrator.

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Episode 100 and a half.
Direct download: midweek_1.mp3
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Episode 100

We want to thank everyone who joined us for this special 100th show. We also want to thank every one of you who have taken the time to listen to us over the last 100 episodes.

To everyone thank you,

David & Andy.

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Interview with Townsend Coleman

This was a true honour, we want to thank  Coleman for givig up so much of his free time.

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Episode 99.

Thanks for listening.

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Episode 98

Thanks for listening.

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Moonbase 2 Fan Commentary Only Human

Thanks for listening.

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Episode 97

Thanks for listening.

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Interview with Flint Dille

Thanks for listening, and a big thanks to Flint for taking the time to record this with us.

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Episode 96

Thanks for listening.

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Fan Commentary The Golden Lagoon

Thanks fir listening.

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Episode 95 - So short its unreal.

Thanks for listening.

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Fan Commentary-Kremzeek.

Thanks for listening.

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Episode 94- Toy fair for all.

Thanks for listening.

Back To The 80's: A Vintage Toy Podcast.


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Interview with Dick Gautier.

We want to thank Mr Gautier for his time. 

Please go and check out Dicks site here

And for anyone interested as we mentioned here you can see Dick in the role of Batman.

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Episode 93- After all it's said and done.

I Want to thank everyone who has listened and enjoyed over these last few weeks.

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Episode 92 - The battle on the big screen.

Thanks for listening

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Episode 91-  A decade of comic book goodness pt 2

Thanks for listening.

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Episode 90 A decade of comicbook goodness - Dreamwave

Well we totally got judged this one wrong, our show dedicated to the comics of the decade quickly became a show about Dreamwave...oh yeah and its over four hours.

G1 Volume 1 &2 0.19.45

War within 1.20.00

Micromasters 2.12.33

The Ongoing 2.27.00

Armada 3.08.28

Energon 3.43.40

The collapse 3.51.08


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Episode 89 A decade of plastic crack. Thanks for joining us for this very long talk about molded plastic. We hope you find it enjoyable and remember to keep checking back over the week.
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Episode 88

We start our look back at the decade that was, we are joined by Chris Mcfeely as we tackle a decade of Transformers cartoons.

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