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Transformers The Last Knight is out finally for the masses to see, both Andy and Mikey have seen it so what did they think about it? Fear not  no spoilers are dropped in this podcast about it. But more then just that there was news this week it seems as we got a bit more info on the Bumblebee Movie that's coming, we get to see men being manly and men....meny? is that a word? ah well they made a Prime TLK sword and we also see what could have been with info on the TF clubs boxsets and subscription figures. So jump on and fly to Moonbase 2 peeps.

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On this months episode Mikey and Andy talk about this months IDW comics and on this months Transformers list we have issue 10# of Till All Are One, , issues 7# and 8# of Optimus Prime and issue 6# of Lost Light. A good amount of comics to get through and talk about on this months episode so get listening and get enjoying.....that doesnt sound/read right...oh well.

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Welcome people, welcome to the heat, the heat of summer and with only a few days before The Last Knight movie comes out what amazing bits of news have come out? Well lets see....there's ummm a go kart for kids, either a Prime of a Bumblebee, in hand images of Titans Return Twin Twist, and Micheal Bay and Mark Wahlberg could be stepping away from Transformers after the new film. Of course the lads have been doing other dumb things in the week as well so enjoy the show and prepare for the movie!

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Yo guys I hear you wanted more tat for Transformers The Last Knight, well you are in luck as we have caps, cups, necklaces and watches for you this week, ok the watch is RiD but still its tat. In more important news Titans Return Trypticon is out in Australia so cant be long before it hits other countries, also more guests are announced for TFCon and TFNation. So enjoy the show.

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So for the 2nd week in a row the Moonbase 2 lads have Transformers news to talk about, is it deep and interesting news? news know. So on the table this week there's thing in the crappy corner such as pajamas to sticker books and in proper news Japan shows off the Legends Broadside, Sixshot, Misfire and Doublecross, theres also images of MP+ Sideswipe and a load of movie toys as well. So get ready for Moonbase awsome saucing time.

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