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Episode 325: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

It's Christmas everyone but will that stop moonbase 2? NO SIR! not a super "christmas themed" episode but we bring you the news and a few thoughts on the new combiner wars thanks again to MR Tricky. Hope you all had a good day today

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Episode 324

No news this week? Not so it seems as a butt load of new toys have appeared in the UK shockingly and in other places around the world, but with Christmas around the corner will Andy or Mikey have the funds to get them or will someone else take the stage?

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Episode 323

Christmas is coming.........Shia is coming........fear him.....fear Christmas.......also transformers news

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Episode 322

So last week Andy recently aged now young Mikey gets one more step closer to the reaper! More transformers stuff but also a little chat about the new star wars trailer and the jurassic world trailer

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Episode 321

Soooooooooo more Moonbase 2 guys, Andy actually has a new transformer toy to talk about this week shockingly there's not much news.....who knew!?!?!

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Episode 320

More Moonbase 2 for this week? Ok then, Andy gets older as he turned 27 on Saturday, aint he all old now!

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Episode 319

Prepare....prepare for Mikey as he's back and with little news the lads finally get to have a little talk on how they feel Korra is currently going and other bits to fill in the lack of news this week .

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Episode 318

Why is Mikey not around this week?........because he sucks.....and is wanted by real people BUT!!! that wont stop Moonbase 2 from coming at you this week. Granted there isn't much news but we bring back Mr Tricky onto the show this week WOOOOO SCIENCE!! 

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Yes we are back and chatting Transformers. Thank you all for sticking with us sorry we have been away so long.

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Episode 317

TFcon Chicargo happened this week and there was a lot more news then any of us thought. So Andy and Mikey cover it all!!

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Episode 316

EPISODE 316 SAY MOONBASE 2 JUST WHIPPED YOUR ASS! Yes a bit of wrestling but not realted to the show at all. This week as young Mikey has failed again a new contender steps in to fill his shoes and he is full of the Gruff......because its Gruff

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Episode 315

ork ComicCon happened this weekend so there are new toys and clips from the new Robots In Disguise show to talk about and speculate over. Will Andy and Mikey enjoy what they see or will it be a bag of sadness and fanboy rage? Listened and find out!

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Episode 314

Moonbase 2 is a little slow to get out this week with Andy's new job and late shifts but hey there wasn't a huge amount of news this week so get ready for Mikey talking about a lot of anime nonsense. 

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Episode 313

Moonbase this week has no Mikey, he has disappeared in the mists of time and space but a more powerful man replaces him this week as Andy is joined by Jii and transformers news gets the Jii treatment!

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We are back once again for another look at Transformers Armada, we talk about Patrina and her new found interest in the DC animated universe and finally add a new section toi the show where we focus on our CHARACTER OF THE WEEK...ooooooo we hear you cry.

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Episode 312

Moonbase 2 comes out of the shadows and covers the transformer news for this week and prepare for the end of Kamen Rider Gaim.

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Episode 311

Very little in the way of transformers news this week but it doesn't stop the Moonbase 2 crew talking.....nothing ever does...........nothing 

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 Episode 310

So this weeks show was far longer then the Moonbase 2 crew thought but with stuff popping up from the code of Transformers Universe the lads cover all that stuff as well as the usual TF news.

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Moonbase 2: Interview Josh Perez

So recently we interviewed the artist for RID and now we get the chance to talk to the man the colours the work, the man that adds the extra cherry to the comic cake we all eat, its Mr Josh Perez.

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Episode 309

Andy's not feeling well? To bad Andy because the Moonbase 2 still has to run this week even though there is barely any news at all! But here we go.

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We are back...well sort of. Petrina tries to struggle through the typical summer holiday while Dave tries to stop his body from breaking down on him. We cover the next three episodes of Transformers Armada while talking about all the fun you can still have this year even with Auto Assembly all said and done.

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Moonbase 2 Interview: Andrew Griffith

So Moonbase 2 gets to do a little interview with the artist of the RID series Mr Andrew Griffith.

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Episode 308

Moonbase 2 hits you with the latest TF news and Andy get into transformers RID the tv series and feels the need to buy more from the toy line! Also talk on Korra and Kamen Rider Gaim.

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Episode 307

 After a weeks break The Moonbase 2 returns to talk about their AA 2014 experiences and also the past 2 weeks worth of news. Lots to cover and lots to talk about so enjoy this weeks show.

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We are back and have the blues...the AA blues. We catch up on TF Armada and complain that we are not in Birmingham anymore...ahhhhhhh

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Episode 306

One week before AutoAssembly 2014 one would assume the Moonbase 2 would have no news! You would be wrong listener, although we miss a Mikey for this week we have a Gruff from the OldOilHouse joining us. 

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Episode 305: SDCC 2014

This week Moonbase 2 looks at the new transformers combiners, the new clips and toys from the new RID show and talk about other stuff happening from this years Comic con 2014

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We continue our look at the next three episodes of Transformers Armada, aka find the mini cons and wrap up the show talking briefly about the upcoming Transformers convention Auto Assembly.

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Episode 304

One week after TFcon and one week before SDCC the Moonbase 2 talks about some 3rd Party Captain Sharks, Black Knight Dinobots and the Throttlebot combiner as well as the rest of the news that happened this week

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Episode 2 of the Mocrobase brings Dave and Petrina looking at the first three episodes of Transformers Armada and taking a look at Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark.

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Episode 303: Tfcon

Mikey returns to the Moonbase and we talk about all of the 3rd Party news that EXPLODED out from Tfcon 2014, expensive but ever so pretty. 


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Welcome to the Microbase (yes we know it sucks, we're working on it.) Thid new weekly show brings Dave out of his Moonbase 2 excile and he returns with a brand new co-host Pertrina to start looking at...well almost anything...that has to do with Transformers.


In this first episode Petrina and David talk about the rising cost of collecting and the latest installment of the Transformers Live action movie francise. 

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Episode 302

Still no Mikey but the Moonbase is joined once again by a human shaped tricky on this weeks episode. Not a huge amount of news but the lads manage to till the time with the general banter and talk about MTMTE issue 30 at the end of the show

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In this special interview we sit down with too members of Boss Fight Studio as they talk about there new upcoming Toy line. Please feel free to see their work at and visit their kickstarter at

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Episode 301

The week after Botcon is there any news to talk about? Why yes there is it seems. Join Andy and Tricky, replacing Mikey for this week, as they waffle about the news and MORE!!!

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Episode 300: Botcon 2014

So guys we've hit episode 300 and its Botcon 2014! well timed really. Moonbase bring the mighty power of Tricky in to join the lads to cover the news of this years big transformers convention.

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Episode 299

This weeks show has the crew talk about more comics and the news before Botcon 2014 which is next week people! and the return of more terrible movie licensed items  

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Episode 298

Mikey spoils a comic Andy is about to read as talk about a fair amount of comics they both read over the week and the TF news for this week.

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Moonbase 2: Alex Milne Interview

We interview Alex Milne! Artist for "Transformers More Than Meets The Eye" as well as numerous other transformer titles. We ask him questions and ask your questions 

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Episode 297

This weeks episode has Andy talking about a load of off topic things and a lego set he loves! and Mikey is also and the interview for this week will go up on Thursday and not be included in this episode, only the news here. 

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Episode 296

THIS WEEK IN NEWS! Andy has seen the new X-Men movie but Mikey lets the team down and hasnt seen it yet. ALso RC controled transformer stuff and new custom Scorponoks are discussed.

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Episode 295

This weeks show contains talk about MTMTE #29, the new TF movie trailer and Godzilla its a long one so strap in and get ready for the banter!

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Episode 294

In this weeks episode of Moonbase 2 we talk about creepy watches, creators talking about making the transformer AoE toys and Silver Optimus Prime, seriously why? 

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Episode 293

This week Mikey and Andy talk about the latest issue of MTMTE and the other bits of news from over the week, also Andy dealt with drunk people this week.

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A surprise amount of news hits the moonbase 2 this week so prepare for the great adventure as Mikey and Andy tackle this storm......or rather just talk about it

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Episode 291

 Thank you all for listening and supporting the show, lets keep it going with more transformers news and Mikey singing

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As Andy continues to play Dark Souls outside of the podcast Mikey searches for new animes to amuse himself with before the team starts talking about ice-cream and ornaments

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Episode 289

Moonbase 2 returns again to chat about the news, theres not much so we answer the few questions we have as well

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Episode 288

Transformers 4 is coming and so 15 mins of the movie has been shown and wee talk about what was said about it but FEAR NOT! thats at the end of the podcast in case you dont want any spoilers and of course the rest of the news this week as well as Kill la Kill and Gaim talk

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Episode 287

Mikey, hes back.............we cover the important transformers news of the week and the fact Linkin Park might have a song for the new movie........woo *rolls eye*


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Episode 286

So it seems we still have no Mikey, he lied to me. But we have transformers news....not much but we got some and of course we have Mr Tricky back again for the good times to be had once again


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Episode 285

Andy decided to be soical this week and had many adventures and we also have the usual tf news to talk about and still no Mikey but the mighty Tricky takes up the slack again...good man.......good man 


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Episode 284

Another week another moonbase 2 episode. With no Mikey again the one and only man of Science Mr Tricky kicks down the door and gets on the show again to talk about more transformers news.

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Episode 283

We have Mikey back for this one episode and then he will vanish AGAIN, so enjoy him while you can and hear him talk about what he thought of toyfair and the news we have for this week....oh we also have a Tricky

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Episode 282

Toyfair 2014 happened and Mikey is away......again, it seems to happen every year. But we have people to fill in his shoes this week. Appologies if the quality isnt as great this week there was a lot of issues with the audio recording this week so i hope its all ok.   

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Episode 281

This week we have the teaser trailer from the super bowl to talk about as well as more stuff from the news world of the transformers

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Episode 280

Another episode appears during the super bowl unfortunately we dont get to talk about the trailer this week but HEY we can talk about it next week :O We still got news to talk about though so lets rock!

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Episode 279

Another Moonbase 2 another time to gush about Kamen Rider Gaim and more transformers news of course 

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Episode 278

Moonbase comes back for another week but with little news we manage to make some kind of show, enjoy.

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Episode 277

Moonbase is back for a long episode as good old Mikey appears again to talk about all the stuff he's been up to since he's been away and of course more TF news 

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Episode 276

Well its the first episode of 2014 and Mikey isnt around......typical Mikey. But Andy brings back Nicole and they have a talk about Christmas as well as the bit of news that took place over the new year period.

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