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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.

We are back...well sort of. Petrina tries to struggle through the typical summer holiday while Dave tries to stop his body from breaking down on him. We cover the next three episodes of Transformers Armada while talking about all the fun you can still have this year even with Auto Assembly all said and done.

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Moonbase 2 Interview: Andrew Griffith

So Moonbase 2 gets to do a little interview with the artist of the RID series Mr Andrew Griffith.

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Episode 308

Moonbase 2 hits you with the latest TF news and Andy get into transformers RID the tv series and feels the need to buy more from the toy line! Also talk on Korra and Kamen Rider Gaim.

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Episode 307

 After a weeks break The Moonbase 2 returns to talk about their AA 2014 experiences and also the past 2 weeks worth of news. Lots to cover and lots to talk about so enjoy this weeks show.

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We are back and have the blues...the AA blues. We catch up on TF Armada and complain that we are not in Birmingham anymore...ahhhhhhh

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Episode 306

One week before AutoAssembly 2014 one would assume the Moonbase 2 would have no news! You would be wrong listener, although we miss a Mikey for this week we have a Gruff from the OldOilHouse joining us. 

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