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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Episode 100 and a half.
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Episode 100

We want to thank everyone who joined us for this special 100th show. We also want to thank every one of you who have taken the time to listen to us over the last 100 episodes.

To everyone thank you,

David & Andy.

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Interview with Townsend Coleman

This was a true honour, we want to thank  Coleman for givig up so much of his free time.

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Episode 99.

Thanks for listening.

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Episode 98

Thanks for listening.

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Moonbase 2 Fan Commentary Only Human

Thanks for listening.

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Episode 97

Thanks for listening.

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Interview with Flint Dille

Thanks for listening, and a big thanks to Flint for taking the time to record this with us.

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