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Masterprime Theater Episode 39

So back for the very last episode of transformers prime....well last 3 I guess since this is Predacons Rising, the movie thingy they did. So sit back and enjoy as Andy and Mikey chat as usual with Mr David Wallace himself, thats right he's back to close up TF: Prime once and for all!

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Episode 275 - Christmas Edition

MERRY CHRISTMASU, I said we werent gonna do it but we did, no mikey and not much news but Andy and a special guest bring some holiday cheer for all the girls and boys that listen to the Moonbase 2

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Episode 274

MERRY FISHMAS, the last show before christmas as Mikey has left Andy so lets cover some TF news and talk trash over Vangelus and Seth because we love them :) we really do

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Episode 273

This week Andy is ill and tries to not drift in and out of consciousness and with not much news its not a long one im afraid but enjoy the usual laughs you get from Moonbase 2

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Episode 272

Well with Korra done we should have nothing to talk about right? WRONG more transformers news and more from the team of Andy and Mikey the podcasting odd couple....eww i dont wanna be with Mikey

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Episode 271

Guys transformers news happened this week and moonbase crew talk about it and of course the end of the show has a big discussion about the last 4 episodes of Avatar Legend of Korra. Some more tech problems happened as well so....yeah fun times

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Episode 270

We have a couple of technical problems in the show which stop us from talking about Korra this week but we do have more transformers news so i hope you all enjoy it.

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Episode 269

So a very late podcast recording and a super sleepy Mikey and hey we enjoyed korra 

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Episode 268 Interview with James Roberts

Ok so yes....i made a mistake with the show numbers last week but its to late now so we're gonna be living with there. But on this weeks so we talk about NO NEWS but instead have a sit down with the transformers comic writer most well known for Last Stand Of The Wreckers and MTMTE on going James Roberts.

News will happen next week this is more interesting trust me.

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Episode 267

No mikey this week so Andy pulls in Nicole and Tricky to cover this weeks transformer news and random bits of the week

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Episode 265 - Audio Fix

More transformers news and talk about the 2 best episodes of Korra to have been made so far

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Not much news this week but Moonbase 2 covers it and also has a talk about MTMTE issue 21

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Episode 263

More talk about Legend of Korra as well as some poke chat but of course transformers news is top of the list

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Episode 262

Mikey talks a bit about Agents of Shield before cracking into the past 2 weeks worth of transformers new and surprisingly there's not much to say on it

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Episode 261 Interview with Mairghread Scott

So we decided to skip the news this week as there was little of worth to talk about and so we got and interview with the a lady involved with a lot of current transformer stuff the THE Mairghread Scott

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Episode 260

More transformers entertainment for everyone to enjoy and we have more Wizard Words this week with Andy and Mikey

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Episode 259

Another episode and more Andy and Mikey talking about the news of TF for this week and....well....more random bits the ooze from our heads, NO SHIPPING

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Episode 258

It's moonbase 2, this is a longer episode as we will talk about MTMTE issue 20 as well as all the news from this week

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Episode 257

We got a little bit of news but not a lot so we talk about issue 20 of RiD, fear not we warn you head of time when we hit that part in case you dont want spoilers

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Episode 256

AA2013 is over and a week has gone by already? WOW still we have news to cover so lets get cracking !

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Episode 255 - AA recording

So this show was recorded during the Sunday of AA2013 and Andy and Mikey are joing by Grufflock of the OldOilHouse and his crew of Mr Tricky and HOT......ROBIMUSSSSSSSS

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Episode 254

With no news just before Auto Assembly we cover the 3 or 4 news stories there are then we talk about MTMTE issue 19, fear not a warning has been included in the show as we cover    spoilers 

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Masterprime Theater Episode 38

The last episode of season 3 but with the movie coming its not quite the end of Transformers Prime yet, but lets cover this episode shall we

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With TFcon happening we have a load of 3rd Party Transformers to cover so let hop to it !

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Masterprime Theater Episode 37

This week Andy, Mikey and Nicole (yes shes back again) talk about this weeks ep of Prime and how Prime (as a series) could have been taken to the next generation of amazing transformer cartoons

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Episode 252

SDCC 2013 people and more transformers news appear and so the Moonbase 2 crew appear again to talk about it

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Masterprime Theater Episode 36

Another episode of Prime and this time we persuaded (get of the ep was Persuasion....? no...sigh) another guest to join us, slight technical issues in this show so please bare with it :)

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Episode 251

With 1 week before SDCC is there anything to talk about?.....OF COURSE 

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Still no Mikey but Nicole is back and so is Mr Phil for another ep of Beast Hunter 

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Episode 250

So with botcon done with for another year you might think this would be a short show with little to talk about, you of course are wrong as Nicole joins us again 

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Masterprime Theater Episode 34

So this is the reason why you shouldnt have two girls on a transformers podcast even when talking about the new ep of Beast Hunters Evolution 

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Episode 249 - BOTCON

It's that time of year again people, thats right its BOTCON! and we cover the news with Andy, Tricky and Nicole

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Episode 248

This one is a short episode only to make sure we have space to do a big Botcon Recording next week but we still have things to talk about so join us on this episode and enjoy 

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Moonbase Interview - Alex Milne

So we have an interview, I know im as shocked as you! We will be talking with Comic Artist of Transformers MTMTE Alex Milne. WARNING there are SPOILERS for issue 18# of MTMTE 

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Episode 247

This week we have a fair bit of Japanese news from the Tokyo Toy Show  

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Masterprime Theater Episode 33

Zombie robots that are vampires and/or maybe aliens you say? I do say 

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Episode 246

Another week another podcast with more from this weeks news on transformers 

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Masterprime Theater Episode 32

Minus one Mikey then add one Adam Grufflock and one Tricky and you have three people to talk about Beast Hunters new episode "Plus One"

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Episode 245

A heap ton of 3rd party news to cover in this week's Moonbase 2, so lets rock with more Transformers news.

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Masterprime Theater Episode 31

The Irish take over this weeks show as we talk about Beast Hunters "Chain Of Command."

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Episode 244

So with little news Andy and Mikey have a discussion about the new Avengers cartoon. Fear not, we do talk about the little TF news for the week as well.

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Masterprime Theater Episode 30

After a short break beast hunters is back and looks like were going on another quest.

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Episode 243

Andy and Mikey decide to "Be Ku-Ru" and talk about more transformers news for this week.

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Episode 242

Do you believe in a thing called Mikey? I do, get ready for more Transformer news from this week. Enjoy!

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Episode 241

I show Mikey something......something he wishes he never saw! Plus TF news.

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Episode  240

We talk a good amount this week on some interesting news items, enjoy!

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The Moonbase2 5th Anniversary Show

Nic puts Andy and David in a head to head match about the Golden Age of Moonbase 2. Who will win? Who will go home with their tail between their legs? Plus, find out how bad their geography is. Come and play along!

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Episode 239

Say what, more transformers news? Ok, time to Moonbase people!

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Masterprime Theater Episode 29

Last part of season 3 of the intro to TF Prime Beast Hunters and this time we have 4 people to talk over this one ENJOY!

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Episode 238

We have a suprising amount of news this week so let the adventure begin!

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Masterprime Theater Episode 28

A dragon rises and Magnus speaks! What will the crew of Andy, Tricky and the returning Mikey have to say about part 3 of Beast Hunters?

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Episode 237

He comes back....Mikey is here..but there is no news comence the show!

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Masterprime Theater Episode 27

Part 2 of the opening to the new Beast Hunters season and someone gets a little angry in this episode

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Episode 236

This week tricky Mikey is still nowhere to be found but someone else replaces him for the week, dun dun duuuuuuuuuun!

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Masterprime Theater Episode 26

The return of the mighty MasterPrime Theater! We come back to Transformer Prime but this time its all about the Beast......well maybe not in this episode.

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Episode 235

No Mikey this week so we have a blast from the past as greatness returns to the Moonbase 2!

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Episode 234

Not much happening in the way of news but Andy has a few new items to talk about.

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Episode 233

This episode we talk about the news for transformers this week and how to make Magicman cry.

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Episode 232

More delicious conversation from the Moonbase 2 crew on this weeks TF news!

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Episode 231

With little news, the Moonbase 2 crew do their best to make a entertaining show!

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Episode 230

Mikey was taking away this week on important work so only two men can fill his big dancing boots and the question is raised "Whats a town without ducks?"

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Episode 229

Not collecting any more? ToyFair seeks to change your opinion on this and Moonbase 2 will tell you all about it.

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The Moonbase2 Interviews Nick Roche

Just the interview with Mr Nick Roche from episode 228 of Moonbase 2

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Episode 228

This week is a big one we have a special guest as well as all your TF news!

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Episode 227

This week we spend 26 mins talking about 3 eps of Green Lantern, oh and a lot of transformers news as well!

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Episode 226

Andy and Mikey talk about the latest TF news and talk about what characters would be cool to see in the TF comics.

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Episode 225

And so more Transformers news is covered on this weeks show.

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Episode 224

The first official podcast of 2013 with the return of the great and powerful Mikey, praise him!!!

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Episode 223: End of 2012 show

We clash our metal with the fiendish forces of the Grufflock and the Oid Oil House.

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Episode 222

A simple after chritsmas message and talk about an end of year show.

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