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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Moonbase 2 Episode 372

Wayne joins Mr Andy this week and they get some woo woo talked about this time its about some Dr Wu "only human" characters they are going to be doing and coloured test shots of Toyworlds constructicons, specifically their bonecrusher and scavenger. As well as the usual TF news but most importantly they talk about the translated comics from the TF Legends figure, the Black Widow, Nightbird and Slipstream-SHA!

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Moonbase 2 Episode 371

The human monster know as Jii Dee joins Mr Andy this week for the Moonbase 2 for the transformers news, also listen to Andy try and use the English langue (and fail) to explain his dislike of Metal Gear Soild 5 and what Mr Jii has got recently. Also on the transformers side of news we have a fan vote for the next titan class figure, the reveal of G2 CW Doodicus and an IDW inspired (kinda i guess) Cyclonus from Mastermind Creations and more TF woo woo.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 370

Andy is alone this week on Moonbase 2 as he ages once again to become OLD MAN ANDY!!!! There was meant to be another on the show this week, Mr Wayne, but technical woo woo screwed stuff up so Andy powers on his own this time. So he talks about colour images of Mastermind Creations Nova Prime and The Titian Wars Fortress Maximus.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 369

On Moonbase 2 this week possible images of Combiner Wars Abominus? real or fake! MP 30 confirmed to be Ratchet and a SNES game that never was. As well as other bits of news and what the lads have been up to over the week. 

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Moonbase 2 Episode 368

Its a short episode this week as there is very little news but the Moonbase boys do their best with it, this time they cover Botcon reveals General Sea Clamp, Bape exclusive red MP-10 Prime for some reason and CW Devestator upgrade kit.

Also happy halloween!!

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