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Moonbase 2 Episode 409

The boys return from the very 1st TFNation and they.....are....TIRED, obviously they talk a bit about their experience from the convention and a few bits of news and things that popped up around it such as 3rd party stuff and concept Beast Wars FunPub stuff. There's also more news to talk about of course such as a few toys popping up in the uk from Titans Returns Soundwave to the new RID Starscream deluxe, there's also the reveal of the Unite Warriors version of Victorion as the Decepticon combiner Megatronia. Finally we have an announcement of a new podcast Moonbase will be trying out this week so enjoy :) 

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Moonbase 2 Interview Alex Milne 2016

The Moonbase 2 boys got to chat to Mr Alex Mlne, artist for MTMTE and a lot of other transformer comics and since MTMTE is over and getting a title change the boys thought it would be good to have a chat with Mr Milne about this, season 2 of the comic and learn some more about it and ask some other silly question. Enjoy

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Moonbase 2 Episode 408

Less then a week before TF Nation kicks off and the boys were worried that there would be nothing to talk to, they were wrong.....well not really but they talk long enough I guess. Apart from none transformers chat they get to chat about a lot of Movie designs were shown off, rumors for more Titans Returns figures and the discuss if they were remold who would they be or would it be a new mold. Enjoy the show everyone and after next week there might be a few extra shows coming, we shall see.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 407.5 Pre TF Nation Chat

So Andy got to have a chat with Adam White (Ad8m) from the TF Nation crew and got to ask some questions about the convention, which is right around the corner now. So good question some dumb questions, hopefully though this should inform people going to the convention and help alleviate some fears, if people had any.

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Moonbase 2 Epsidoe 407

Well with the big conventions out the way with there's not a huge amount for the lads to talk about. However there are a few stories such as even more Movie sure is info.....on the next movie I guess, ehobby reveals their Titans Returns Optimus Primal figure from Mindwipe and a little chat about the 1st episode of the Combiner Wars Machinema series. Also Mikey gets to share his thoughts on the Killing Joke.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 406 Cybertron-Con 2016

This week the Moonbase 2 hit some technical issues with the DREADED INTERNET CONNECTION, but hopefully Andy has edited most of the problems from the show. Anyway this week Cybertron-Con happened, the very first Hasbro convention for the Asian market and more reveal happened such as more Titans Returns toys were shown and some teaser images of the Trypticon we also have a bit of information on the movies and the first game play of the new Overwatch......sorry Transformers online shooter game.

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