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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Episode 153 The Underbase reviews Heart of Darkness #3.

This week Dave and Mikey cover all the coolest news of the week. Then to round off the show we are joined by Aimee (Ladywreck) to review the latest episode of heart of Darkness. Thanks for listening.

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The Underbase reviews, Rising Storm and Foundation issues 4

Matt and Aimee kick off with news and solicits and then bring in Chris McFeely to finish off the movie verse prequel story lines. Don't want to miss this series as the movie comes out in a month. Tune in! Final thoughts on the series! And we can't resist mentioning a certain Heart of Darkness...

* Intro & News
* Comic Highlight [@17 mins]
* Review of Rising Storm issue #4 [@29 mins]
* Comic Rating for RS [@1 hr 23 mins]
* Review of Foundation #4 [@1 hr 32 mins]
* Comic Rating for Foundation [@2 hrs 23 mins]
* Botcon plug [last 30 seconds]


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Episode 152

This week is a bit slow so we got Gwolf in to talk about well nothing much. So yeah some times it's like that. But we do talk about Shadowzone plus take some of your user questions.

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The Underbase reviews Ongoing #19.

The Underbase talks NEWS with Dave and reviews Ongoing 19 with Andy. Sit down have a listen and find out what's up in the TF world and what the crew thought of this next installment of Ongoing Space Opera!
[06:40:34] Aimee M (truesaphira): Gotta jet... really tired.


Show Notes:

* Intro & News!
Dave joins us for the news segment because it's an EPIC sized proportion!! And we talk about it for a bit.
* The Review of Ongoing #19 [@43 mins in] A completely SPOILED issue… we warned you.
* Does it Wreck or Rule? Comic Rating [@1 hr 39 mins]

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The Moonbase 2 interviews Neil Ross.

This week are proud to bring you a interview we conducted with Transformers voice actor Neil Ross, voice of G1 Slag, Bonecrusher and Springer to name a few. We talk about his entry into show business and how he made the transition to voice work. We want to thank Neil for his time and hope you enjoy.

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The Underbase reviews The Dreamwave preview books.

Matt and Aimee are joined by the boss man, KalelPrime in offering the goodness that was Dreamwave in the previews of their beginning runs. Dave challenges the Underbase to Micromasters verses Bumblebee Mini? Will it ever happen? We highlight comics, we talk Armada, Generation One, and War Within previews and make our cases for what we'd like to review later in the year… but you the listeners will decide...

* Intro (What we gonna do with this Dreamwave stuff?)
* Comic Highlight [@8 mins]
* Dreamwave Preview of Armada  [@18 mins]
* Dreamwave Preview of Generation One [@36 mins]
* Dreamwave Preview of War Within [@50 mins]

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Episode 151

This week basework rules as we go through your lists of Decepticon bad guys. Oh and there is some news in there also.

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The Underbase reviews, Rising Storm and Foundation issues 3

Chris joins Matt and Aimee to review a double header for the movie verse comics. Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon, Rising Storm and Foundation issues 3. Much goodness this week. Thanks for listening!

Show Notes:

* Intro and News
* Comic Highlight [@ 14 mins]
* The Review of Rising Storm issue 3 [@ 22 mins]
* Comic Rating [@1 hr 8 mins]
* The Review of Foundation issue 3 [@1 hr 12 mins]
* Comic Rating [@2 hr 7 mins]
Thanks for joining us this week for this double header of the movie verse comics! Apologies for the few echo toward the end.


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