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Episode 171

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The Underbase Reviews November News

Matt graces the podcast even though he's got ZELDA invading his world… we talk the NEWS… the good, the late, and the awesome… plus some disappointing… And because we wanted a break and Matt couldn't resist ZELDA there is no comic review this week. But you do NOT want to miss this next 28 mins! (February 2012 Solicits will be discussed… 13 mins in with no SPOILER warning… this is your warning.) 24 mins in is our geek/comic highlight. (Next podcast will feature ZELDA!)

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Episode 170

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The Underbase Reviews Ongoing #30

Matt and Aimee intro this weeks podcast with a new and exciting intro we hope you like it. Andy then joins us to review Ongoing 30 the END of Chaos and don't worry we'll tell you what we thought of it.

* The Review of Ongoing 30 [@58 mins] 

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Episode 169

This week we go cartoon crazy talking about Thundercats, Green Lantern and there may even a little Young Justice in there also. On the transformers front its third party all the way, and as always we look over your questions and end the show on the bum note that is Energon.

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The Underbase Interviews John Barber

Matt and Aimee sit down with the Senior Editor of IDW, John Barber, for a talk about what's to come for the next few months for the IDW Transformers! More tidbits to add to our search for details and a nice reveal from 81! News reveals to come...

* The John Barber Interview 

* Geek Highlight & News [@1 hr 06 mins]

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Episode 168

This week things go weird, we talk about how Dave wants to see the end of the world, what could be Andy's favourite piece of crappy news ever and...well you really don't want to know about the third person. We also take some time to talk about robots.

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The Underbase Reviews Ongoing #29

Matt, Aimee, and Andy see through to the end of Police Action as we review Ongoing 29. Will the final issue bring justice to the victims of the Last Story on Earth? Have a listen and find out the scoop!

* Intro & News

* Comic Highlight [@14 mins]

* The Review of Ongoing 29 [@22 mins] 

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