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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Episode 363

On this weeks show poor Mr Mikey is ill so Andy is joined by a man determined to take over the whole geeky podcast universe of the uk! Mr Grufflock. The 2 lads talk about things such as prototypes of possible new Robots In Disguise deluxe sized figures, some more DX9 things and proper images of MP Hotrod and SHOCKWAVE!

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Episode 362

This week on the Moonbase 2 podcast, Transformers Bumblebee Halloween costume, A new Hotrod masterpiece figure and the amazing Unite Warriors Grand Scourge mini comic as well as what the boys have been up to this week and other TF news.

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 Episode 361

This week on Moonbase 2 the lads talk about a little bit more on some reveals for TF Devastation, STGCC 2015 3rd party showing including the big boy Carnifex and a little bit on some trade marks that Hasbro has reacquired recently. Also surprise Andy actually has some new transformers he got this week!

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Episode 360

Disease has infected young Mikey of the Moonbase 2 this week but he still has the power to keep going with Andy as they cover this weeks news for transformers such as Transformers: Devastation Motormaster gameplay and profile, more 3rd party Masterpeice transformers from different companies and convention news for Botcon 2016 and the new uk based TFNation. 


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Auto Assembly is all over but the news never stops so the Moonbase boi's cover this weeks and last weeks important news. This week they cover the TFSS 4.0 Thunder Mayhem,  Fansproject Tricerabot shell, a transforming birthday cake and repaint from Play with this too. Plus other news things from the week.

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