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Moonbase 2 End of Year Show 2015

So done on the fly Mr Andy wanted to do a quick show about some, as I don't think he covered everything, of the toys of 2015 and if the selection was a good one for this year or a bad one.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 375

Well its nearly Christmas time people, but oddly enough that doesn't mean there's nothing to talk about.....granted there isn't much but we got STUFF! Mr Jii joins Andy again as they talk about the news from Toy Soul 2015 including some more 3A products and future products. Moonbase also covers the untranslated version of the Unite Warriors Grand Galvatron comic and try and put a story to it and some other bits here and there.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 374

This week Andy and Jii come back to kick ass and drink milk.......and they just finished their milk! Transformers news wise the lads discuss what this new Planet of Junk Platinum set might be, what if Optimus Prime didnt die in the movie with the IDW Deviation comic and the full team reveal for the Unite Warriors Grand Galvatron plus some other bits and bob's and all that jazz.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 373

Mr Jii joins Andy once again this week on Moonbase 2 and the boys have a natter about what they've been up to in the week as well as some TF stories. There's not much, surprise but they chat about Rescue Bots nominated for the 43rd Annie Award, the horror that are the RID RADS candy dispensers and Masterpiece news. 

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Moonbase 2 Episode 372

Wayne joins Mr Andy this week and they get some woo woo talked about this time its about some Dr Wu "only human" characters they are going to be doing and coloured test shots of Toyworlds constructicons, specifically their bonecrusher and scavenger. As well as the usual TF news but most importantly they talk about the translated comics from the TF Legends figure, the Black Widow, Nightbird and Slipstream-SHA!

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Moonbase 2 Episode 371

The human monster know as Jii Dee joins Mr Andy this week for the Moonbase 2 for the transformers news, also listen to Andy try and use the English langue (and fail) to explain his dislike of Metal Gear Soild 5 and what Mr Jii has got recently. Also on the transformers side of news we have a fan vote for the next titan class figure, the reveal of G2 CW Doodicus and an IDW inspired (kinda i guess) Cyclonus from Mastermind Creations and more TF woo woo.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 370

Andy is alone this week on Moonbase 2 as he ages once again to become OLD MAN ANDY!!!! There was meant to be another on the show this week, Mr Wayne, but technical woo woo screwed stuff up so Andy powers on his own this time. So he talks about colour images of Mastermind Creations Nova Prime and The Titian Wars Fortress Maximus.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 369

On Moonbase 2 this week possible images of Combiner Wars Abominus? real or fake! MP 30 confirmed to be Ratchet and a SNES game that never was. As well as other bits of news and what the lads have been up to over the week. 

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Moonbase 2 Episode 368

Its a short episode this week as there is very little news but the Moonbase boys do their best with it, this time they cover Botcon reveals General Sea Clamp, Bape exclusive red MP-10 Prime for some reason and CW Devestator upgrade kit.

Also happy halloween!!

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Moonbase 2 Episode 367

This week on Moonbase 2 EXPLOSION, DRAMA, DEATH!!!!!!!! none of these things happen but the boys talk about more transformers news of the week and Mikey gives his thoughts on the Titians Returns line we saw at NYCC. The other news covers Custom Robots revoltech transformers, E-Hobby Deadlock, the other 2 new reveals from the Botcon 2016 set and more.

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Moonbase 2 - Episode 366

This week young Mikey is back and Andy is feeling less ill and gross......yay. A lot of stuff to cover with TF Con Charlotte that just happened this week so its all 3rd Party chat this week guys, originally the show was 2 hours 45 mins and was edited so any hiccups here and there might be due to that. Anyway enjoy everyone its time to 3rd Party UP!

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Episode 365

This week JiiDee comes in to replace Mr Mikey for the week and with NYCC just happening there's lots to talk about there as well as some new concept stuff from Prime 1 Studio's, Platinum Trypticon arrives in the UK and Australia. Also Andy messed his audio a bit so it wont sound as good as it usually does.....whoops, he was still ill when recording and editing kind.

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Episode 364

Andy has returned home from his long journey to the south of the uk, he's tired and broken but along with Mikey the boys do what they do and talk about the TF news of the week. THIS WEEK, before NYCC, they talk about  MIP Junior Conference which had info on season 2 of RID and lots of possible movie stuff, a new 3rd Party company Garatron and their 2 new items and Planet X Paddles and Andy's dipping his toe into the toy line, so it seems. Also other TF news from the week and what the lads have been up to.

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Episode 363

On this weeks show poor Mr Mikey is ill so Andy is joined by a man determined to take over the whole geeky podcast universe of the uk! Mr Grufflock. The 2 lads talk about things such as prototypes of possible new Robots In Disguise deluxe sized figures, some more DX9 things and proper images of MP Hotrod and SHOCKWAVE!

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Episode 362

This week on the Moonbase 2 podcast, Transformers Bumblebee Halloween costume, A new Hotrod masterpiece figure and the amazing Unite Warriors Grand Scourge mini comic as well as what the boys have been up to this week and other TF news.

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 Episode 361

This week on Moonbase 2 the lads talk about a little bit more on some reveals for TF Devastation, STGCC 2015 3rd party showing including the big boy Carnifex and a little bit on some trade marks that Hasbro has reacquired recently. Also surprise Andy actually has some new transformers he got this week!

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Episode 360

Disease has infected young Mikey of the Moonbase 2 this week but he still has the power to keep going with Andy as they cover this weeks news for transformers such as Transformers: Devastation Motormaster gameplay and profile, more 3rd party Masterpeice transformers from different companies and convention news for Botcon 2016 and the new uk based TFNation. 


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Auto Assembly is all over but the news never stops so the Moonbase boi's cover this weeks and last weeks important news. This week they cover the TFSS 4.0 Thunder Mayhem,  Fansproject Tricerabot shell, a transforming birthday cake and repaint from Play with this too. Plus other news things from the week.

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The Obligatory AA 2015 Show

Andy gives his thoughts over this years Auto Assembly show along with his shadow for the show Mr Wayne Wong, you might remember his name being mentioned every now and again. So sit back and hear what these 2 gentlemen got up to at the show, who they met and what they got.

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Episode 358

This week on Moonbase 2, A stranger from a foreign lands appears and brings trouble with her. With this guest joining them the Moonbase boi's talk about lots of 3rd party news (surprise there) such as X-Transbots  Abaddon and Dante, Maketoys Hellfire and Wrestle and CCreations Blade. Of course along with the rest of this weeks news and woo woo

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Episode 357

News? What is this news that you speak of? That's right there is very very little this week but the Moonbase 2 guys chat about the few bits such as Toyworld’s Devastator, more stuff from Play With This Too and their up and coming kickstarter and the usual nonsense the 2 guys have been up to this week.

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Episode 356

It come with axes, it comes with fire, biting gnawing at you, it is this weeks Moonbase 2 and more transformer woo woo with Mikey and Andy. The lads get to talk this week about things like 3rd party company Spark Toys and their war within Prime and Megatron, International Day Of Friendship My Little Pony things (its very odd but kinda neat) and the return of  Peter Spellos to Auto Assembly 2015.

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Episode 355

So here we go the boys are back and still talking about 3rd party news this week, even after TFCon. On this weeks episode Moonbase 2 covers Wonderfest 2015 Summer event, Planet X PX-06 Vulcan and DX9 Toys X14 Leah.

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Episode 354: TFCON 2015

TFCON, or the Unofficial 3rd Party Convention as we lovingly call it, has come to Toronto yet again, we have no Mikey this week but a powerful man comes to fill his shoes. Lots of stuff is covered and not super in depth discussion as there was no time for it but enjoy as the 3rd Party stuff is talked about.

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Episode 353

SDCC 2015 has been and gone and the news for transformers has arrived, Victorion has been shown as well as more Combiner War repaints and news of no new RiD toys currently in the works. So let Andy and Mikey fill you in on the news for this week!

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Episode 352

This week on the MOonbase 2 the boy's (yes Mikey is back) talk about a small amount of news but they chat about Iron Factory's Evil Lord (Overlord) coloured images, Q-Transformers Paper Rabbit Rope, Badcubes OTS-08 SunSurge and a bit of news of Hasbro not being at the UK toyfair 2016.

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Episode 351

The week after Botcon didn't have much in terms of news, luckily there was enough stuff we couldn't cover last week that can be talked about. So kick back and make ready as Andy is here but no Mikey we have a Nicole stepping up.

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Episode 350: Botcon 2015

Guys.........Botcon happened and we have all the offical things to cover, there were other stories this week but we shall save them for later as there's much to cover in this episode alone.Big stuff is of course Combiner Wars reveals and shockingly the Collectors Club, oh side note we talk about some bits shown at the Tokyo Toy Show.

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This week on the Moonbase 2 Podcast ta lads talk about the new images of Maketoys Iron Will (Hardhead), a new video game coming called Transformers Devastation and the final product images of Mastermind Creations Spartan aka Impactor. Also Mikey drops some of his none spoiler thought on the new Jurassic World and Andy.......he's there as well. 

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Moonbase 2 Josh Perez Chat.

Soooooo this was a little chat with Colourist from IDW, the one and only Josh the Dyemooch Perez. Enjoy everyone and im sorry.

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Episode 348

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Moonbase 2, this week the boys look at 3 things from Maketoys, the Combiner Hunters SDCC pack and Mikey comes enjoys the new Japanese transformer Legends figures. Three new remolds to buff up the amount of ladybots. It is time............enjoy!

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Episode 347

OH WHAT A LOVELY DAY! That's right kids its Moonbase 2 coming at you for another week and this week Amazing Andy and Misguided Mikey talk about Mastermind Creations Tarn, repainted combiner hunter Acree and Chromia as well as kissing and nipple rings. Yes we cover everything important this week. So as ever enjoy the madness and RIDE WITH ME TO VALHALLA!!

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Episode 346

THE END HAS COME! to The Flash season 1, fear not no spoilers are dropped on this weeks Moonbase 2 but as ever the weeks news on transformers is bantered about. Shockingly not much 3rd Party stuff but we do have things like the Platinum Edition Trypticon finally confirmed,  images of Combiner Wars Groove (the new deluxe one) and the possible Waspintor troop builder pack for Botcon.

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Episode 345

Yo guys 3rd party stuff fills the episode this week as the lads from the moon talk about MMC version of Termoil, Unique Toys Y-02 Runman or Blurr basically and a reissue of the MakeToys Gaint figure the yellow one. There is also a little bit of other news and the lads talk about what they've been up to in the week as Andy seems to have seen a few movies worthy of viewing!

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Episode 344

Custom figures a plenty in this weeks episode of the Moonbase 2, the lads to (without spoilers) on Age of Ultron and again lament the loss of Earths Mightiest Heroes cartoon series and talk about the transformers news of the week. Such as the last two of Unique Toys Abominus, rumours of a G2 combiner wars Superion and Bad cubes MP style Insecticons.

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Episode 343

Behold this week on the Moonbase 2 the guys talk about Transformers Pez dispensers, canceled Igear Mini Warrior designs and Botcon 2015 stuff including the last 2 figures and some other bits as well. Also Mr Mikey does a little interview with IDW Windblade writer Mairghread Scott. Sit back and enjoy........or else.

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Episode 342

On the Moonbase 2 this week the guys talk about the full on 5 bot female combiner, Toy Worlds Swoop 3rd party toy and Combiner Wars Bruticus. As usual they talk about the other random nonsense they've done for the week as well.

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Episode 341 (fixed)

A fairly short episode this week with little to talk about but the Moonbase Boyzz talk about the topics such as paper craft Hearts of Steel Bumblebee, E-Hobby Unite Warriors Grand Scourge and Transformers Hall of Fame 2015 Categories announcements.

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Episode 340

This week the boys of the Moonbase 2 talk about more on the Combiner Wars figures both out and that are coming out, the new Botcon Exclusive toy and the horrors of classic movies that Mikey doesn't like that makes him a terrible person.

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Episode 339

This week on the Moonbase 2, the lads talk about some more Mastermind Creations things, Takara's Menasor (and if they can see any big changes to it), the Botcon toy reveal video and the Lentern Experiment. 

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Episode 338

On Moonbase 2 this week the boys are back and chin wag about Masterpiece Starsaber at the top of the toy sale charts in Japan, Combiner Wars Quickslinger (Slingshot) and Brake-Neck (Wildrider) and Frank Welker to be at Botcon this year!

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Episode 337

Terrible Mikey is away this week again cause hes a bad man so the Moonbase welcome the Scottish Tropical Thunder Jii Dee to the show and the lads tallk over things like the Perfect Effect upgrade kit for combiner wars Menasor, the last Auto Assembly and Hasbro applying for beverage trademark.

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Episode 336

A very light week for news this week but the Moonbase boy take a crack at it anyway when they have a look at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, DX9 Toys Masterpiece inspired Rodimus Prime and catch up on what they've done this week.

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Episode 335

Moonbase 2 is here once again and this time the lads cover the first look at the potential combiner wars ironhide, Maketoys Dystopia, more one Play with this Too's Kickstarter and Platinum G1 reissue Dinobots! We also talk about issues 36-38 of MTMTE at the end of the show and go into spoilers there. 

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Episode 334

This week on the Moonbase 2 the lads talk about Play with this Too's kickstarter video, the video of the MASSIVE looking constucticons from combiner wars and Mikey and Andy's usual adventures through the previous week. Sit back and enjoy or else Mikey will find you......oh yes......he will.

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Episode 333

On this weeks show the Moonbase boys talk about the horrors of reality tv, totally legitimate polls for the new combiner team and toys that could have been and maybe should have been, as well as the usual ramblings from both Andy and Mikey you expect each week.

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Episode 332

Moonbase 2 welcomes back young Mikey to the show as they cover what the little Irish wonder has been up to since he's been away and the crew cover whats been doing down at toyfair this year, including Robots in Disguise Minicons and a MTMTE Ultra Magnus?

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Episode 331

With Mikey still away Moonbase has a different person filling in his shoes and there was a surprising amount to talk about this week as well as they cover more 3rd Party Masterpiece scale toys. gokin figures and gobots ?

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Episode 330

Where is Mikey this week? Who knows? But the Moonbase 2 people (minus Mikey) talk about X-Transbots Beachcomber and his crazy machine gun, old ass molds getting retired finally and tiny robot 3rd party figure.

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Episode 329

New rumors of reissued G1 toys as well as....yes even more 3rd Party transformers and a really poo DVD set, these things AND MORE will be discussed on this weeks episode. .

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Episode 328

With a little shout out the the excellent podcast Mysterious Universe, the Moonbase 2 crew chat about the FP Quickswitch as well as a LOAD of rumors that should be answered around toyfair which is soon guys. So sit back and enjoy! 

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Episode 327

So it seems that Masterpeice toys are all the rage at the moment for transformers...........who knew......everyone knew. But the team talk about some new 3rd Party Masterpeice figures some new and current ones and all of the the rest of the transformers news for this week. Also Andy tries to convince Mikey to watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

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Episode 326

Moonbase 2 is back people and ready for 2015!! Shockingly the team has more news to talk about and just a bit about they've been upto over the break, so get ready for more moon action!

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