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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Episode 351

The week after Botcon didn't have much in terms of news, luckily there was enough stuff we couldn't cover last week that can be talked about. So kick back and make ready as Andy is here but no Mikey we have a Nicole stepping up.

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Episode 350: Botcon 2015

Guys.........Botcon happened and we have all the offical things to cover, there were other stories this week but we shall save them for later as there's much to cover in this episode alone.Big stuff is of course Combiner Wars reveals and shockingly the Collectors Club, oh side note we talk about some bits shown at the Tokyo Toy Show.

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This week on the Moonbase 2 Podcast ta lads talk about the new images of Maketoys Iron Will (Hardhead), a new video game coming called Transformers Devastation and the final product images of Mastermind Creations Spartan aka Impactor. Also Mikey drops some of his none spoiler thought on the new Jurassic World and Andy.......he's there as well. 

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Moonbase 2 Josh Perez Chat.

Soooooo this was a little chat with Colourist from IDW, the one and only Josh the Dyemooch Perez. Enjoy everyone and im sorry.

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Episode 348

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Moonbase 2, this week the boys look at 3 things from Maketoys, the Combiner Hunters SDCC pack and Mikey comes enjoys the new Japanese transformer Legends figures. Three new remolds to buff up the amount of ladybots. It is time............enjoy!

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Episode 347

OH WHAT A LOVELY DAY! That's right kids its Moonbase 2 coming at you for another week and this week Amazing Andy and Misguided Mikey talk about Mastermind Creations Tarn, repainted combiner hunter Acree and Chromia as well as kissing and nipple rings. Yes we cover everything important this week. So as ever enjoy the madness and RIDE WITH ME TO VALHALLA!!

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