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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
The Obligatory AA 2015 Show

Andy gives his thoughts over this years Auto Assembly show along with his shadow for the show Mr Wayne Wong, you might remember his name being mentioned every now and again. So sit back and hear what these 2 gentlemen got up to at the show, who they met and what they got.

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Episode 358

This week on Moonbase 2, A stranger from a foreign lands appears and brings trouble with her. With this guest joining them the Moonbase boi's talk about lots of 3rd party news (surprise there) such as X-Transbots  Abaddon and Dante, Maketoys Hellfire and Wrestle and CCreations Blade. Of course along with the rest of this weeks news and woo woo

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Episode 357

News? What is this news that you speak of? That's right there is very very little this week but the Moonbase 2 guys chat about the few bits such as Toyworld’s Devastator, more stuff from Play With This Too and their up and coming kickstarter and the usual nonsense the 2 guys have been up to this week.

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Episode 356

It come with axes, it comes with fire, biting gnawing at you, it is this weeks Moonbase 2 and more transformer woo woo with Mikey and Andy. The lads get to talk this week about things like 3rd party company Spark Toys and their war within Prime and Megatron, International Day Of Friendship My Little Pony things (its very odd but kinda neat) and the return of  Peter Spellos to Auto Assembly 2015.

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