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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Moonbase 2 Episode 422

Iron Factory boys.......Iron Factory, thats right everyone on the Moonbase 2 this week there were new reveals from Iron Factory on their future products and Any of course gushes over them as does Mr Mikey, but thats not all as other news hit the internet this week, not big news but still they gotta be covered. So the final chapter of the Unite Warriors comic was released and translated, toys aplenty are appearing around the USA, Canada and the UK in time for Christmas and did I mention Iron Factory? So enjoy this weeks Moonbase 2, also celebrate as Mr Mikey is now also 1 year older so with him bday cheers

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Moonbase 2 Episode 421

This week on the Moonbase 2 Podcast, Andy has aged once again as he creeps ever closer to the grave and Mikey.......ummm....well hes Irish, so nothing new there at least. The Core and Pixar movies are chatted about before jumping into the weekly Transformers news such as sample in hand images of the Titans Return Sixshot, a disappointing little comic from the Unite Warriors Ruination/Baldigus and a lovely Dyemooch has been announced as a guest for 2017 TF Nations.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 420

On the Moonbase 2 this week there's a new statue thats been shown (seems like 2016 is the rebirth of TF statues right?) but this time its a G1 styled Grimlock from Imaginarium Art, also there's more movie "news" and a little bit of info on the Bumblebee spin off movie. The most interesting bit of news are the reveal of new RID 2015 figures  and a bit of worrying pricing on MP 2.0 Megatron. Oh Andy also has a new car now and that was a thing .......that stressed him a bit. Enjoy the show peeps :)

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Moonbase 2 Episode 419

This week on the Moonbase 2 Mikey joins Andy again but unfortunately its that time of year again were news is super spars but there are a few tid bits here and there such as more images and info on statues from Prime 1 Studios G1 Megatron and XM Studios Optimus Prime. There's also info that Titans Return Fortress Maximus is in the UK and can be for at Tescos and Earth wars app is getting combiners in it finally. Also the other garbage the 2 lads have done over the week like Mikeys thoughts on Dr Strange and Andy plays Mordheim: City of the Damned!  

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Moonbase 2 Episode 418

Mikey has the internet issues again this week so the Strongest Jii in the Universe He-Jii comes to fill in this week for Moonbase. Not a huge amount of news granted but there are proper images of Unite Warriors Ruination, the Takara MP toy line won "The Good Design Long Life Award", 3 statues to talk about as well as other bits of the week.

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