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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Episode 346

THE END HAS COME! to The Flash season 1, fear not no spoilers are dropped on this weeks Moonbase 2 but as ever the weeks news on transformers is bantered about. Shockingly not much 3rd Party stuff but we do have things like the Platinum Edition Trypticon finally confirmed,  images of Combiner Wars Groove (the new deluxe one) and the possible Waspintor troop builder pack for Botcon.

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Episode 345

Yo guys 3rd party stuff fills the episode this week as the lads from the moon talk about MMC version of Termoil, Unique Toys Y-02 Runman or Blurr basically and a reissue of the MakeToys Gaint figure the yellow one. There is also a little bit of other news and the lads talk about what they've been up to in the week as Andy seems to have seen a few movies worthy of viewing!

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Episode 344

Custom figures a plenty in this weeks episode of the Moonbase 2, the lads to (without spoilers) on Age of Ultron and again lament the loss of Earths Mightiest Heroes cartoon series and talk about the transformers news of the week. Such as the last two of Unique Toys Abominus, rumours of a G2 combiner wars Superion and Bad cubes MP style Insecticons.

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Episode 343

Behold this week on the Moonbase 2 the guys talk about Transformers Pez dispensers, canceled Igear Mini Warrior designs and Botcon 2015 stuff including the last 2 figures and some other bits as well. Also Mr Mikey does a little interview with IDW Windblade writer Mairghread Scott. Sit back and enjoy........or else.

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