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Jul 5, 2019

Welcome children to another month of Transformers comics, Andy and Mikey are hitting you with issues 5# and 6#, has the story started rolling and what will the guys think of the new artist on issue 6?

May 30, 2019

Another month and another 2 issues of the 2019 Transformers series, does the story deepen and grab young Andy and Mikey? Well the lads let you know when they talk about issues 3# and 4#!

Apr 10, 2019

IDW begins its reboot of the Transformers comic universe and Mikey and Andy chat about the first 2 issues of this new beginning and new world, is it an exciting new time and a good place to jump in or is it the worst thing ever?

Mar 15, 2019

Sorry guys for this one coming out late but here it is, Mikey and Andy in this episode cover issues 2# and 3# of Gobots.....its...different, issues 2# and 3# of Star Trek vs Transformers.

Jan 31, 2019

So with the end of the main Transformers story for IDW what will Mikey and Andy talk about it until the reboot/relaunch happens? Well the side Transformer comics like Star Trek vs Transformers #1 and we look at the first issue of Gobots.