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Moonbase 2 Episode 384

The Moonbase boys have a small talk about the significance of the Beast Wars cartoon and its impact on transformers as Andy has been re-watching the show again. Also they banter over the news this week including Planet X Fall of Cybertron Starscream prototype has been revealed, big news for TFCon getting Frank Welker as a guest and the Japanese Legends Headmaster new head designs. As well as other bits of note for the week.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 383

So since we are post New York Toyfair 2016 its not surprising there's not a huge amount to cover this week but one or two stories have cropped up and Mikey talked about some more DC TV stuff like "Heroes of Tomorrow", or whatever its called and a bit more on Flash. But some of the TF stories this week are a new Ultimetal figure, this time its Ultramagnus, CG render of Titans Return Brainstorm and Planet X Fall of Cybertron Prime.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 382

New York Toy Fair 2016 happened this weekend and Titian's Return it us with physical versions of figures we were told to expect earlier that week, so was the surprise and excitement taken from the event? Maybe but we have new toys to talk about and yo they are headmasters.......all of the.....well and Wheelie.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 381

Mikey beats the leafs for another week and joins Moonbase again with Andy to TAKE DOWN TAH NEWZZZ!! So this weeks round up is Garatron's new 3rd Party figure and its on the unreleased Beast Wars Neo Unicron, images from Wonderfest 2016 of MP Primal (coloured prototype) and some better images of a coloured Unite Warriors Bruticus and a possible merger between Hasbro and Mattel? Really? Who knows but the lads will talk about the idea anyways.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 380

Slightly weird internet connection this week for the Moonbase boys, is it the leafs in Ireland yet again? it might be, it might be birds sitting on the towers again who can say? But regardless Andy has a new thing to crave for and its Lego Nexo Knights. The boys this week cover TF news such as the Wonderfest 2016 garage kit Metalhawk, more news on season 2 of RID and more Titian's Return reveals (unofficial blurry images of course) as well as more TF woo woo for the week.

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