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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.

With TFcon happening we have a load of 3rd Party Transformers to cover so let hop to it !

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Masterprime Theater Episode 37

This week Andy, Mikey and Nicole (yes shes back again) talk about this weeks ep of Prime and how Prime (as a series) could have been taken to the next generation of amazing transformer cartoons

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Episode 252

SDCC 2013 people and more transformers news appear and so the Moonbase 2 crew appear again to talk about it

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Masterprime Theater Episode 36

Another episode of Prime and this time we persuaded (get of the ep was Persuasion....? no...sigh) another guest to join us, slight technical issues in this show so please bare with it :)

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Episode 251

With 1 week before SDCC is there anything to talk about?.....OF COURSE 

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Still no Mikey but Nicole is back and so is Mr Phil for another ep of Beast Hunter 

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Episode 250

So with botcon done with for another year you might think this would be a short show with little to talk about, you of course are wrong as Nicole joins us again 

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Masterprime Theater Episode 34

So this is the reason why you shouldnt have two girls on a transformers podcast even when talking about the new ep of Beast Hunters Evolution 

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Episode 249 - BOTCON

It's that time of year again people, thats right its BOTCON! and we cover the news with Andy, Tricky and Nicole

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