Moonbase2's Podcast
A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Episode 321

Soooooooooo more Moonbase 2 guys, Andy actually has a new transformer toy to talk about this week shockingly there's not much news.....who knew!?!?!

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Episode 320

More Moonbase 2 for this week? Ok then, Andy gets older as he turned 27 on Saturday, aint he all old now!

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Episode 319

Prepare....prepare for Mikey as he's back and with little news the lads finally get to have a little talk on how they feel Korra is currently going and other bits to fill in the lack of news this week .

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Episode 318

Why is Mikey not around this week?........because he sucks.....and is wanted by real people BUT!!! that wont stop Moonbase 2 from coming at you this week. Granted there isn't much news but we bring back Mr Tricky onto the show this week WOOOOO SCIENCE!! 

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