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Moonbase 2 Episode 401

Well Moonbase 2 is in the 400's for its episodes, has anything changed? .....not really BUT thanks to everyone for the continued support. But on this weeks show Moonbase talks about the Machinema Combiners Wars show seems to almost be out finally, even more Movie stuff including a KO BB-8 called Squeaks and the future of MTMTE.

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The news this week isn't the most exciting but we are coming up to SDCC so maybe more interesting stuff will appear there?.....we hope. Anyway some of the stories for this week are that the SDCC exclusive figure is revealed and its a Titans Return Fortress Maximus, with some very minor changes it seems, there's also rumor of Transformers Fall Of Cybertron might get released on the Xbox One and the PS4, finally there might be some SPOILER rumors for the next TF movie. Also the usual bits of news that float about so let DO ITTTT!!

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Moonbase 2 Episode 399

This week Mikey gets to talk about cars, the movie vehicles that were recently revealed, hes thrilled about it, also on the show week images have shown up (never super clear ones) of the Takara version of the Titans Return Powermaster Prime (Ginrai) and the boys get to talk about the changes they are doing to it. The very important reveal of images for the MP Cheetor thats coming and it looks amazing, finally there bonus edited Mikey talking at the end of the show if you wanted a bit more Mikey in your life.

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Moonbase 2 Episode 398

No Mikey on this weeks Moonbase, DO NOT FEAR for Mr Jii is here.....maybe thats a greater reason to be scared. Mr Jii talks about the new Robo Machine figure he got recently ( the fancy japanese gobot leader one to be precise) and the two of them cover the this weeks TF news. Some stories include a but load of Last Knight movie news.....well more like "news" but meh, SDCC GI Joe vs Transformer Set and a Animated 3rd Party Mixmaster.

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