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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Best of 2011

Moonbase2 and Underbase combine and join forces for a end of year BEST of 2011 for your Christmas show this week! This will be the only podcast we put out this week but you will not want to miss it as there are goodies within.

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The Underbase Reviews Death of Optimus Prime

All bets are off… we review Death of Optimus Prime… SPOILERIFIC! No warnings! But before we review the comic of the week, Matt and Aimee give you the news. Good times are ahead folks… 2012 approaches!

* News

* Comic Highlight [@22 mins] 

* Death of Optimus Prime Review [@35 mins] 

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Episode 174

Thanks for listening.

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The Underbase Roberts Preview

Turning the show upside down with our news section at the end this week, we start the show with a spectacular preview of what we'll be getting from comics here on and into 2012. Then we finally get around to the news.

* Preview

* News [@1 hr 2 mins]

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Episode 173 of the Moonbase 2 podcast.

Thanks for listening.

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The Underbase Reviews Ongoing 31

We've got a TREAT for our listeners this week! Matt and Aimee announce some great news on 81 and then are joined by a special guest! But lets not forget that we've got the last issue of Chaos and Mike Costa's farewell issue number 31 this week… we review that too! All our base is under the podcast! (Please make sure you've read the comic before listening to the podcast because we spoil the heck out of it!)

* Intro & News

* Special Guest [@5 mins]

* The Review of Ongoing 31 [@1 hr 47 mins] 

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Episode 172

Thanks for listening.

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The Underbase Reviews Timelines 6

Matt takes sole ownership of the Underbase this week to review Botcon 2011 Timelines #6 "Stunti-Con Job" with Grufflock and Chris McFeely! Great highlights, Chris's opinion of Exiles… and reveals of AllSpark Almanac battle scars, Addendum, Bob talk! And have we got a treat for you listeners… we got our very own voice overs! A spectacular review of Timelines you don't want to miss! We properly GEEK out!!

* Intro & News

* Comic Highlight [@6 mins]

* The Review of Timelines [@28 mins]

* Ark Addendum talk [@1 hr 37 mins] 

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