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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
The Underbase reviews Drift #2

A week later Aimee and Matt decide to grab Dave to talk about Drift #2. Does the series maintain its good start, or does it crash and burn. And as always the crew talks about the latest news.

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Episode 125

With toys pics rolling in Andy and Dave sit down for episode 125. We talk about the crazyness of Wreck-Gar and the disapointment of Rodimus. We also take some questions and talk about whats happening next weekend at the Moonbase 2 meet.

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Underbase Interview with Joana Lafuente

Joana Lafuente drops by the underbase to talk about her work with Transformers. And naturally Aimee and Matt bring you all the news from the world of comics.

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Episode 124

With no news to cover...AT ALL! We decided its a great time to let Dave rant about the ongoing again. And to give you all some food for thought we get the Gwolf, version something to stop by to chat about...well something.

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The Underbase reviews Ongoing #11

This week Aimee and Matt (rocking a heavy cold) are back with this weeks review, Transformers Ongoing #11. And as always the Coomander of Cobra joins there chat to see if the series has finally found it feet.

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Episode 123

Its all about TF Prime this week. And while we cover all the casting news both Dave and Andy are left asking the same thing. When do we get to see it.

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The Underbase review Drift #1

Its that time again for Matt and Aimee to wreck anouther comic. But does this bi-weekly series get off to the right start? Well you are just going to have to stay tuned to find out. And as always they give you all the latest news in the world of the printed page.

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Interview with Stan Bush.

We want to thank Stan for taking the time to talk to us. And agin big thanks to both Adam and Nick for helping me out with this one.

Please also follow the links to check out just what Stan is doing now.

Stan on Twitter:
Stan on Facebook:
Stan on MySpace:

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Episode 122

Dave and Andy are back with what can only be a slow ass news week. We talk about third party target masters, the Blum is taking the role of Starscream and whats coming soon for War for Cybertron. And as always we end with your questions.

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The Underbase presents - Last Stand of the Wreckers.

This week last stand of the wreckers hits stores in trade paper back. This week Aimee and Matt are joined by Dave and a slight bit of Andy to talk about it. We look at the best comic from IDW and talk about the eleven page story by James Roberts "bullets".



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