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Moonbase 2 Episode 397

Bit of a slow week with news but the boys bust their thoughts on the stories that did appear some of them are more movie news and the lads demand a bearded Josh Duhamel, 2 new Soap Studio figures Megatron and Starscream were revealed. 

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This time on the Moonbase 2, Andy talks about a good few movies hes seen recently and his thought on the new X-Men movie (no spoilers though fear not) but with a fairly bare week for news this weeks show is a shorter one. So some news stories include new Toy World 3rd party figures, reissuing the 1st two waves of the kerons (really *looks at notes* yep apparently so) and more news on the upcoming Transformers movie. So enjoy everyone........or else......

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Young Mikey is back home and breaks the news......Andy was right! He does in fact hate Independence Day AND!!! Starship Troopers, the madness is real. Oh yes there's also this weeks batch of news including stories such as Andy licking his lips over more Takara Legend Headmaster reveals, a 1/22 scale Age of extinction Prime that's 50% diecast and articulated and Unique Toys reveal their Sandstorm figure Sworder. 

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Nicole busts into the Moonbase 2 this week as young Mikey is still away and so madness follows akin to any Eldrich horror. The main stories of this week are a butt ton of Master Mind Creations figures had finished versions revealed all colored up and looking pretty as well as MP Inferno and a new SD Acree 3rd party figure that appears to transform? neat.

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Its apparently been our 8th Anniversary, I know I'm surprised aswell and of course is Mikey around for this weeks show? Of coursenot but that won't stop Andy as he wangles Grufflock fromtheOldOilHouse in for this weeks episode. Potential massivespoilers for SDCC as this week a load of future Titans Returnfigures were revealed as well as a look at 2 3rd Party Blitzwingtoys and Hasbro’s Factory Of Wonder.....jesus....I mean....wowthis thing. Anyway thank you for all the support over the yearspeople lets keep this boat rolling......or floating....orsomething. 

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