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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.
Episode 305: SDCC 2014

This week Moonbase 2 looks at the new transformers combiners, the new clips and toys from the new RID show and talk about other stuff happening from this years Comic con 2014

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We continue our look at the next three episodes of Transformers Armada, aka find the mini cons and wrap up the show talking briefly about the upcoming Transformers convention Auto Assembly.

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Episode 304

One week after TFcon and one week before SDCC the Moonbase 2 talks about some 3rd Party Captain Sharks, Black Knight Dinobots and the Throttlebot combiner as well as the rest of the news that happened this week

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Episode 2 of the Mocrobase brings Dave and Petrina looking at the first three episodes of Transformers Armada and taking a look at Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark.

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Episode 303: Tfcon

Mikey returns to the Moonbase and we talk about all of the 3rd Party news that EXPLODED out from Tfcon 2014, expensive but ever so pretty. 


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Welcome to the Microbase (yes we know it sucks, we're working on it.) Thid new weekly show brings Dave out of his Moonbase 2 excile and he returns with a brand new co-host Pertrina to start looking at...well almost anything...that has to do with Transformers.


In this first episode Petrina and David talk about the rising cost of collecting and the latest installment of the Transformers Live action movie francise. 

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Episode 302

Still no Mikey but the Moonbase is joined once again by a human shaped tricky on this weeks episode. Not a huge amount of news but the lads manage to till the time with the general banter and talk about MTMTE issue 30 at the end of the show

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In this special interview we sit down with too members of Boss Fight Studio as they talk about there new upcoming Toy line. Please feel free to see their work at and visit their kickstarter at

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